Welcome to my screencap gallery dedicated to the excellent  XO of the SSRN Seaview!

Only seasons that have been released on DVD are represented with the exception of a select number of Season 4 episodes from laserdisc.  As more seasons  are released, I'll capture more marvelous Morton moments.  Feel free to use any of the captures to create web graphics or wallpapers, though a tiny link back here would be nice somewhere. :)  Just remember to download them to your own computer. Please do NOT hotlink to any of these screencaps or snag them for a screencap gallery or SELL THEM ON eBay or I will send an irate XO after you!  FIWA link takes you to screencaps from the "Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen" TV special. 

The screencaps are arranged by episode, so some episodes will have many Morton Moments, some only a few.  The Chip-centric summaries are just that, the webmistress' own personal, unofficial take on each episode as seen through a *very* blond filter.  Be warned that they also contain a slightly twisted sense of humor, an occasionally hormonal appreciation of the gentlemen and some random speculations!   Extras are XL Chip screencaps for your wallpaper pleasure.

Many thanks for stopping by!   ~ Kim Q

10/08 - added "Haunted Submarine" to Season 3 Gallery, added plotsquid.net to Voyage fiction/art Links