X Factor

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At plotting table when Nelson comes down spiral stairs and asks how far they are from Pearl Harbor. Is told to get the Flying Sub ready for Nelson. Picks up mike, orders Sharkey to lay up to the Control Room on the double and the Flying Sub duty watch to prepare for launch.

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Walks up with Clipboard of Ultimate XO Power and reports that Sparks heard that the Admiral and Sharkey arrived safely and Seaview is to head home to Santa Barbara. Takes conn as Crane leaves Control Room, picking up pencil and checking charts.

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After damaged FS returns to Seaview, Crane is pacing back and forth in Observation Nose. Chip pops out of FS and tells Lee that the gyro panel was rigged to explode.

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As Seaview approaches Santa Barbara, Chip is making notes on his ubiquitous
clipboard, then gives a series of commands to surface the boat.

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Crane calls Morton over intercom to come to Admiral's cabin immediately where he proceeds to tell Chip about the trouble with the convoy to Kaber Toys and the Admiral's disappearance. Crane tells Morton to belay Sharkey's leave along with everyone else's and have him head a detail to head over to accident area and start investigating.

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Sharkey is stunned to hear the news about the Admiral. Chip tells him they don't know anything, not even if the Admiral is alive or dead. Is not his usual calm self with some pacing and a very grim expression. Gives Sharkey the map showing location of accident and tells Sharkey it's his detail and to round up his men. Gently slaps Sharkey's shoulder and heads down passageway.

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While crew is examining wreckage, Chip approaches Lee who is looking at papers in Observation Nose. He walks up behind his Captain and reaches out with one hand to touch his shoulder, but stops himself and settles for saying "Lee?" quietly. 

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Crane, without looking up, asks if there's any word of the Admiral. Chip tells him that they've discovered Capt. Shires' body and two of the guards, all pretty badly burned. Crane asks if that's all. Chip replies, "So far. The detail is still out there searching." Lee finally turns around and asks about the Admiral. Chip replies that there is no sign of him yet.

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Crane stands up and tells Chip to have the detail report to him in the Admiral's cabin when they get back. Is very poignant moment between them as they are concerned about their friend and boss and Chip is concerned about Lee.

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Chip escorts Sharkey and his detail to Crane. Sharkey reports that all are accounted for except for the Admiral. Crane says that they must have taken him alive. Chip asks, rather brusquely, where?  When Crane proposes that they go into Kaber Toys to rescue Nelson, Chip follows him to the hatchway and says with some force that they don't have enough evidence to break in. Crane says they have the evidence, just no time and tells Chip to call the O.N.I. while they head off to get the Admiral. Just like Crane is willing to point out possible concerns to Nelson, so Morton is willing to point them out to Crane.

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Chip calls ONI. Does not look happy.  lol

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At end of episode, Chip brings Nelson message from Naval Intelligence.