After attack of wolfman kills pilot in FS-1, scene switches to control room where Chip is at periscope island with Lee. Is told to stand by to surface.

 As Lee and Nelson see what's wrong in FS, Lee calls Chip and has him send out a detail to recover Witt's body and the instrumentation. As Patterson and Sharkey share scuttlebutt about why a landing party has to go to the island, the Exec calls and tells Sharkey to get the party moving. Sharkey wonders why the exec is in such a hurry.

 In control room with Nelson as Harry contacts shore party to see if they're okay after earthquake. Shaken up with others as undersea wave hits Seaview. Reports to Nelson that outside damage control party is back on board and there's no damage to hull or rudder. Engine room is standing by. Nelson orders him to get Seaview underway at flank speed to get the landing party on board as quickly as possible.

 Chip is at periscope, as Nelson says there's still no radio contact with shore party. Chip notices a signal fire on the beach. Nelson looks and sees fire too, tells him to surface boat. Seaview surfaces and signals them for pickup.

 Lee tells Chip via radio to 'continue the cruising pattern' and let him know if
there's anything new. Not sure where Chip is! Perhaps on Flying Sub??

 When torpedoes are fired, is back in Control Room.
Reports that both torpedoes impacted right on target.

. While Nelson, Crane and Sharkey trank the werewolf, Chip has been getting Seaview in place for second torpedo target on island. Back in Control Room, Chip is at plotting table with Crane and Nelson as last of torpedoes hits island.

Chip is in charge while Crane is on island and Nelson is in restraint ward.
In Observation Nose when Crane returns from island with blood sample.

 Counts down to torpedo detonation. Nice smile when
Crane tells Doc they sank the island of Macura.