Village of Guilt
mixed tie episode

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Listening to tale of sea monster attack on radio along with Lee, Sparks and Nelson, all but Nelson have ties tucked in.  When asked, Lee says he wouldn't believe in sea monsters even if he saw one.  Nelson chuckles, calling him a true skeptic.  Lee asks if he believes and Nelson says it's possible then, with a twinkle in his eye, pontificates about strange creatures at extreme ocean depths, but that most of them are only six to seven inches long.  Chip dismisses them with an 'Oh, well..' to which Nelson replies that they shouldn't dismiss them so casually as who knows what might be hidden in the depths man hasn't reached yet and they can't close their minds to the improbable.  Lee and Chip squirm a bit at his chiding tones, though it's clear that Nelson is still rather amused.

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After Nelson heads off, Lee teases Chip saying 'Well, that should take care of you' to which Chip, straightening tie, responds flippantly, 'Not me, I'm a firm believer in sea monsters' then leaves radio shack with Lee grinning after him.  A very nice casual moment.  :) 

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Pipes further radio message on sea monster down to Nelson in Observation Nose.  More stock footage of diving the boat, then back to current filming as Chip and Lee shared amused looks when Lee says they're heading for Norway.  Normal Control Room efficiency surfacing boat after Lee leaves saying ' She's all yours, Mr. Morton, take her up.' 

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Think they're using stock footage of Nelson and Chip watching the diving party from the Observation Nose as this is only time when tie is off.  

Nelson and Chip enter Missile Room to welcome back diving party.  It's amusing to note that they're walking in step. heh  The three exchange concerned looks when they see the tentacle Lee brought back from the dive.

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Enters Observation Nose with Crane.  Nelson directs the two to sit at the conference table then proceeds to tell them that he's found a synthetic growth substance in the tissues of the tentacle.  Usual calm when the command trio talk about Oscar Dahlgren.

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Tie is off while in Control Room as bad guy diver approaches to put fake bomb on hull.  Usual efficiency relaying orders.

Calm, if a bit harried, as they are attacked by giant octopus.