Turn Back the Clock
mixed tie episode

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On deck of sub with Crane as Nelson, Carol and Kemp arrive.
Both men have ties tucked in and look rather dapper.

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Rolls eyes and grouses about Kemp's remarks about Carol being 'his girl'.
Gets head chewed off by Lee. <g>

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 Shrugs shoulders after Lee storms off. "What did I say?" Very amusing moment!

Normal Control room efficiency at chart table, but is annoyed when the sea bottom doesn't match their charts.  Tie is now off.  Whohooo!  ;)  Yet another episode where Chip has command of Seaview while Crane and Nelson go off to play. hehehe

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Chip has brought Seaview up near where the shore party appears (reuse of dramatic 'emergency surface' stock footage from pilot), shares a smile with Chief when sees party on shore, orders Chief to get landing party moving, fires flare to catch their attention

While shore party watches island blow up, Chip informs Lee that there are iceberg fields ahead. Lee tells him to take the boat deep and head for home.

Minimal Chip-ness and too many dino shots from Lost World :P