The Traitor
tie tucked in episode

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Lee and Chip are examining the detection navigator that will allow them to approach the missile sites without knowing where they are. Chip is not pleased, Lee just smiles at his grousing.  

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Typical Control Room stuff when Hamid comes bursting in wanting to talk to Crane.
Chip gives him a rather cool look

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Chip watches Nelson activate the auto-navigator and is told to notify
navigation that the ship will be under its control until further notice.

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After Nelson storms off to get Fenton, Chip goes over to Lee and wonders what's wrong with the Admiral as he saw fire in Nelson's eyes as he passed him. Lee confides his worries. Chip says it's not really any of their business though he sounds unconvinced. When Lee wonders why Edith would be in Europe, Chip replies, "Touring, it's a popular pastime." Lee shows Chip a postcard from Edith that shows her returning from Europe and back in NY. Good indication of their friendship that Lee is willing to confide in Chip.

Chip asks Lee what happened, using his first name and is told to notify Lee when they reach the next coordinates. Calls fire detail to Radio Shack, surfaces sub to scrub smoke. Efficient, calm and cool while getting damage data.

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Lee tells Nelson that he has his best men ready for the shore party. Lee, Chip, Ski and another crewman are dressed as generic sailors to follow Nelson's glowing footprints. Chip is wearing a black wool cap, black jeans, black t-shirt and dark plaid flannel jacket, looking somewhat disreputable but delicious. ;)

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After Lee locates the proper place, the others get ready, looking very experienced and efficient. While Ski heads up the stairs to the back, Chip places a line of liquid explosive along the door. On Lee's signal, they blow the door and Ski sabotages the fuse box which disrupts the radio and electronics.

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Redshirt shoots at baddies, giving Nelson chance to escape with the detection navigator. The rescue party breaks into to storage room, grabs Nelson and the device and heads out, minus one redshirt. Chip rather cleverly shoots a bunch of barrels down on the bad General. Definitely very professional using the automatic rifle, but then, RD was in the army so should had been taught how to properly shoot one, even if he was in the Corps of Engineers. :)

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Back on Seaview, Chip relays message from the real Edith that she wants to meet Nelson for dinner when they return to Santa Barbara and that she's invited Lee along. Nice smiles all around.

Speculation - It seems a rather common theme in fanfic that Crane is a highly trained ONI agent and that Morton is not, therefore Chip is often written as not that competent off boat.  Yet this episode is one example where Chip is quite clearly considered one of Crane's "best men" to go undercover, use funky explosives and machine guns to rescue Nelson.  I guess my point is that agents for the ONI are NOT the only competent people in the Navy off boat. ;)