Thing From Inner Space

Comes down spiral staircase, clipboard in hand. Tells the skipper
that they're ready to secure loading operations and would he okay the manifest.

 Lee says fine but to hold sailing orders until he gives the word. Chip asks why, Lee responds he's doesn't know, but there's a civilian aboard in conference with the admiral, a Bainbridge Wells and has Chip ever heard of him. Chip replies sure, he's the scientist with the TV show that he likes to watch whenever he can. Lee says who doesn't. Chip asks what's he doing aboard to which Lee replies probably trying to talk the admiral into going on a mission. Chip says "A mission with Bainbridge Wells, wouldn't that be something?" Lee replies that there's not much chance of that as the admiral isn't a big Bainbridge Wells fan.

Lee comes forward to where Chip is working at plotting table and says to make all preparations to get underway and hands him paper with course. Chip looks at it, sees that it's Murro Atoll and says that Wells must have done a good job of selling. Lee says he would have bet a month's pay that the admiral wouldn't go along. Tells Chip to set sea detail. Chip sets detail and makes prep to get underway.

Back in CR, Chip reports to Lee that the bottom is shoaling rapidly.
Lee orders all stop and calls the admiral.

 Patterson comes up to plotting table and asks permission to make a dive in Murro Lagoon. Chip says he should know better and that all duty requests are supposed to go through proper channels. Lee says it's okay and listens to Pat's request. Says he'll think about it. Sends Chip to make a 360 sonar scan of area for creature.

Chip overhears Sharkey giving Pat a hassle and asks what's the trouble. Sharkey informs him that the book says no diver goes alone and that if Patterson goes into that lagoon, there has to be another diver with him. Chip says he's right and to get another diver suited up. When asked anyone in particular, Chip says no, they're not sure what's out there in that lagoon so to get a volunteer.  Sharkey picks Ski because he's mad at him. :)

While Pat and Ski are out looking for the film magazine, back on Seaview, they've picked up a huge sonar signature of a large version of creature. Lee has Chip go to nose to keep watch as Nelson keeps look on sonar. Chip yells "Skipper!" and points to forward windows as Crane, Nelson and Wells run forward.

 They all get tossed in the classic "rock 'n roll" as the creature plays with its nice new toy.

After they're settled on the bottom, everyone checks in. Chip says the instrumentation, ballast and air are all okay and that he'll take her up. Lee says to wait. Chip responds that they need to surface to check the outer hull. Lee agrees but says to wait until monster gets discouraged and moves away.

As monster begins to move away, Lee asks if the divers are back aboard. Chip responds not yet and that they've lost contact with them, but that they can't wait too much longer 'cause if the monster attacks again, they're finished. Lee tries again to reach divers but is unsuccessful. Chip says he'll prepare to blow ballast and moves off. Sharkey hears the divers 'knock' and calls CR where Lee tells Chip to belay the blow ballast order.

After Lee chews out Pat for delaying return, he calls Chip who says via intercom there's still no contact and gives order to surface.

Shore party returns with smaller creature. Sonar picks up large creature. Nelson says they should run as the creature probably can't catch up. Lee gives Chip orders for a slight course change and flank speed at all costs until further orders. Chip asks "At all costs?" Lee responds, yes, unless you want to go another round with that thing out there.
Chip replies that he'll keep her at flank speed until the reactors blow. Gives orders.

Chip brings Nelson and Crane news that there's an alarm from the lab, one of the specimen tanks. Nelson realizes the creature escaped.

Chip calls for Battle Stations as Sharkey and Ski grab the special guns.

Lee calls Chip over to take the conn as he's headed to the missile room.
Chip protests that the admiral told everyone to stay away.
Lee responds, do you think I'm going to let him die because of an order?