Terror on Dinosaur Island

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Lee is in Radio Shack communicating with the admiral in FS-1. Chip brings him the latest seismograph readings which indicate a build up of pressure. 

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Gets shaken with rest when Seaview is hit by shock wave from eruption. Tells Lee that they lost the Flying Sub on radar. Follows Lee to radio shack where Lee tries to reach FS. When Lee leaves, Chip tells Sparks (not Arch Whiting) to keep trying.
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Chip is at plotting table when Lee comes down stairs. He gives Lee position relative to island, Captain has him slow the boat and let him know when they're within 1000 yards
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When sonar and bow lookout see a 'contact' Chip goes forward and asks Benson what he's doing in the bow. Benson replies that he's bow lookout. Chip give him the XO Glare of Death and asks where Grady is. Benson says that he's below and that they traded watches. Chip asks on whose authority. Benson's answer is interrupted when they all see a dinosaur through the bow windows. Both Lee and Chip have wonderful reaction. <g>
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Chip moves closer to bow while Lee has the crash doors activated. All move to Control Room where Lee orders Chip to call General Quarters. Personnel move around, collision doors separating bow from CR are closed. As the creature heads amidships, Chip looks up and mutters, what's it going to do? After they get hit, tells Lee that the main generator is out and that Engineering is working on it.
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After Lee returns from the flooded areas, he tells Chip the damage. Chip asks if there were any casualties and Lee replies, Grady.  Both men are upset about the casualty, but are controlled.  They move to front of CR to take damage reports. Lee says to try for full elevation on the planes and head for the island. Chip asks, you going to beach her? Lee confirms it, but Chip reminds him that they have negative buoyancy and they might not get up enough speed to reach the surface. Lee tells Chip to start praying and heads aft. Chip tells Engineering to give him all they've got and turns to the helmsmen, telling them full elevation on the bow planes. 
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After they beach Seaview, Lee comes down from bridge and says they can't see anything through the fog. Chip asks what next. Lee responds that they need to repair the hull. Chip says that repair crews are standing by...carpenters, welders and ship fitters. Lee tells him to get the whole crew on it as he wants it repaired in four hours. Chip says he'll have them get right on it and turns to go aft. Lee grabs him and tells Chip that he's taking Ski and Patterson to go look ashore with him and that they need side arms.
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Chip enters crew's quarters where he finds Ski and Patterson talking with the upset Benson. Chip tags Ski and Pat for a detail, telling them to get into fatigues as they're going ashore to hunt for the admiral and the chief. They acknowledge and Chip goes to leave. Benson approaches him and asks to be added to the detail. Morton replies that he's not sure, the skipper asked for two men. Benson pulls puppy eyes, saying he'd like to help find the admiral and the compassionate XO adds him to the detail.  Little does he know.....
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While Crane, Ski, Pat and Benson are searching island, Crane calls boat. Chip asks if he's seen any sign of the admiral but Lee responds in the negative while Benson sets up to take a shot at Crane. Tremor disturbs both shore party and those aboard the beached Seaview. Chip reports to Lee that they've made enough temporary repairs to get out of there on an even keel and that he can take Lee to deep water the minute they get back.
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Chip contacts Lee. Suggests that, though he hates to say it, they might have to call the search off. Lee says you know what that means. Chip replies that he hates to give him this message, but the seismograph was continuing to act up. They fed the data through the computer and the island is going to blow any time. Lee says he understands and they'll head back. Tells Chip to get the boat ready to shove off.  As the island begins to break up, Chip is looking through periscope for any signs of shore party.
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. Once party is back aboard, Crane and Nelson are in nose discussing the unbelievable nature of their adventure and bemoaning the lack of evidence proving their report. Chip comes up saying that there's a problem in the galley due to Patterson having brought back something and putting it in the refrigerator. They ask what and Chip has Chief bring forward a dinosaur egg. Lee, Chip and Harry all look at the egg with bemused expressions, then all smile as Harry says, How's that for evidence? <g>