Terrible Toys

 Chip calls Captain over to radar where they've picked up a strange blip. They follow
it down and the crash causes a classic rock 'n roll from the shock wave.

Alarm is heard in Control Room and Chip and crewman head to locker room where they find Ski unconscious.  Nelson comes in and asked what happened.  Chip says he's sent for Doc who arrives and is puzzled as to Ski's condition. As Ski is taken to Sick Bay, Nelson and Chip head back to Control Room.

 The command trio is staring at a readout of whatever it was hit the water. Chip says that whatever it is, it hit with a pretty big wallop and should have been broken up completely but it's floating as smooth as a new doorknob. Chip and Lee are still watching the now still object. Nelson heads off to get Burke.

  When he returns, they discuss the object. Nelson says that it is probably not from Earth as it maneuvered strangely. Chip replies that it also was able to survive the crash. Nelson directs Chip to get remote cameras and radiation detector ready.

 Calls Lee over to detector where he tells the Captain that the object is not only radiating power, but it's also been tracking the Seaview like 'some kind of electronic probe'.

Chip and Sharkey are at detectors and inform Crane that they're being
pulled in towards UFO.  Heads off to prep Flying Sub for launch.

Tells Admiral that all systems have green lights.  Shuts hatch.

 Watches with Lee as Flying Sub gets caught too. Says that it'll crash right into that 'thing' and they won't have a chance. Chip says it's gone, but Lee says it's inside.

 Drumming from toy causes trouble for all. Reports a bulkhead is in
danger of collapsing while they prep the forward torpedo tubes for firing.

 As they brace for the impact of the torpedoes they are about
to fire, Chip shouts that Admiral is returning.

After torpedoes misfire, says that all six tubes couldn't have malfunctioned at the same time.

 When Admiral asked what happened, Lee tells him about the pounding and Chip describes it as a giant with a huge kettledrum. As Lee shows Nelson the drummer toy, Chip reminds them that Ski had been mumbling about the toys after he was first hurt. While Burke tried to verbally defend himself, Chip give him a distinct Glare Of Death. <g>

 Reports that the number 3 bulkhead did collapse and that the flooding is contained, but they're beginning to break apart. Is ordered by Nelson to lock up Burke, but puts him in cabin, not brig.

 Heads into where Nelson is linking up flares to tell him that the Missile Room is ready. Says that, at 50,000 btu's each, that will make an awful lot of heat energy.

 Goes with Admiral to Missile Room where Crane is ready to swim out with the explosives.

 Nelson and Chip return to Control Room to watch Lee.
Both get knocked around when toys damage circuitry and explosives go off.

Both are called down to Missile Room where Burke tries to make a deal with Nelson to hunt down the toys. Sharkey, Chip, Nelson and Crane each smash a toy to bits as they attack.

 Helps Sharkey with getting Burke to Sick Bay.