Submarine Sunk Here
loose tie episode

One of my favorite episodes and NOT just because Chip and Curley get to save the day.  :)  The intensity and drama of every well-executed moment is mesmerizing!   The writing, the acting and the effects are all top-notch.  Definitely a classic!!

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Supervising refit of diving bell in New London, positive, upbeat, smiling as Nelson informs him of their arrival time in New London. Wearing tie and jacket.

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After hearing of sinking of sub, is seen finishing a smoke as repairs to the diving bell continue, tie is loosened.  Is handed a message that the buoy has been found 12 miles out.  Curley says they still can't find the short in the guidance system and says it will take two days to fix.  Chip is NOT happy.

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Chip goes aboard Coast Guard ship to talk via the emergency buoy. Has to tell Nelson the bell is still unfixed and they'll have to go down by controlled descent if Curley isn't done by the time he gets back.  Is still very in control, yet can tell is quite distraught.

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Returning to bell, asks Curley if he's had any luck.  Chief says none yet.  Chip reminds him that the Seaview is running out of time.  Curley asks why they can't take it the way it is and Chip replies that navigating the minefield without guidance would be suicide.  Tells Curley to keep pushing the men and that this bell is the only one on the East Coast that can go deep enough.  Climbs inside (great posterior view, heh) to work on guidance system.

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After a bit more waiting and more incidents on the Seaview, can see on Chip's face that he's waited long enough.  He decides to go ahead and launch the bell without waiting for the guidance to be fixed and orders Curley to get it ready.  Curley reminds him of the minefield and Chip replies that they'll get through it somehow.

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The diving bell is put aboard the surface ship and oxygen is loaded aboard. Curley says, "All secure, Captain," to Chip who responds with "Then let's go!" to which Curley replies, "Yes, sir." The surface ship commander tells Chip, "Good luck, Commander."  Calling Chip 'Captain' is appropriate since he's the Commanding Officer of the diving bell at that moment.  Doesn't matter how small a command is in the Navy, the CO is still referred to as Captain. :)

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Calm and in command, even when talking with Nelson. Has sleeves rolled up, tie loosened and is getting rather sweaty. <g> Curley calls him 'Skipper' as he tells Morton they've reached the mines.  Chip observes that the mines are shifting with the current and has the descent slowed.  Says they'll have to inch their way through and pray they don't touch one of them.  There are some great shots of Chip and Curley from p.o.v. outside bell.

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Directs Curley as they descend to Seaview. they get fouled in cable, setting off two more mines, the shock forces Seaview to bad angle so that Chip and Curley can't connect, definitely worried because the phone is now dead and they can't let Nelson know that they survived the blast. Sees that the Seaview is at a very bad angle. Tells Curley in a soft voice that he doesn't know if they can connect. The bell hovers over the sub.

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They maneuver their way to Seaview deck, exchange smiles. Chip goes down hatch and asks Nelson, "permission to come aboard, sir?" Big grins and much joy on all sides. :D