The Sky's on Fire - set in 1978

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Working at plot table, gives Lee their current position just off the Antarctic continent. Adjusts course as directed to take Seaview along continental shelf.

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 When Seaview gets hit by multiple objects, during rock 'n roll, asks rhetorically 'ice bergs at this depth?" Looks in amazement with Lee out the windows at the falling ice.

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 Nice rear shot of command trio. Exchanges looks with Nelson as ice stops falling and tells him there's 650 ft keel to bottom. Asks Nelson how this could be happening as he thought ice was supposed to float. Nelson reminds him how ice in a glass will first fall and then float. Theorizes that it's falling from the continental shelf. Watches with Nelson as they broach the surface. Trio gets handed cold weather coats by Sharkey and heads to conning tower.

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 They look up in shock as they see the sky on fire. Chip loosens tie,
removes coat and wipes sweat from his face as the heat increases in the air.

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Dives the boat to 90 ft.

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Back at plot table after Nelson leaves in Flying Sub, still has tie loosened and top button undone, is handed new surface temperature reading by crewman, passes them to Crane who reads 125 degrees 'this close to the South Pole', Chip replies dryly, "I'd hate to be at the Equator."

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Lee looks through periscope and Chip asks if it's still bad. Lee replies that it's worse and Chip asks for orders. Lee tells him to make a course due north at standard and avoid the icebergs.

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Watches with rest of Control Room crew as Southern Hemisphere burns.

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Mutters to Crane who is leaving periscope island that they'll have to let them fire the missile.

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Chip comes down the ladder from hatch and tells Lee that
they have all hatches open and are scrubbing the ship of smoke. 

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Hears commotion in aft Crew's Quarters and ends up getting punched by a crazed Sharkey. Grabs mike and calls for Master-At-Arms. Tries to get reasoned response from Sharkey, orders MAA to take Sharkey to Captain.

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Tells Lee that he doesn't want to prefer charges as he believes that Sharkey wasn't responsible for his actions. Tells Lee to look at Sharkey's eyes. Crane sends Sharkey to Sick Bay.

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Lee tells Chip to get boat underway, but Chip responds that they can't. Engineering reported another foul up, when the main generator blew, a jet nozzle was expelled out the aft blower and they're dead in the water. Crane tells him to order a diving party to find it.

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In Missile Room when Crane returns, checks over the nozzle, then heads off to get Engineering to install it right away. Nelson says make it a rush job and slaps him on the back.

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Chip reports to Lee that the Doc discovered that Sharkey was highly
drugged with something that made him act like a maniac.

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Lee has Sharkey brought in and asks how he feels. Sharkey says he's shaky but okay. Chip says that technically, Sharkey is still under arrest. Lee asks if Chip changed his mind about not preferring charges as he's the one Sharkey hit. Chip responds "It's funny, but I can't remember a thing. Do you, Chief?" Very nice understanding smile at a very relieved Sharkey. 

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Lee tells Chip to take over, he's going to report to the Admiral.

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When Chip and Sharkey overhear the 'mutiny' in the Admiral's cabin, Chip orders Sharkey to get a detail over there immediately. After the detail rescues Nelson and Crane, Chip is ordered to stop the boat and prep for missile launch.

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Watches helplessly with rest of Control Room crew as Weber fires on the missile control panel and threatens everyone with grenade. Makes a motion as though he's about to try something, but stops as pistol is pointed at him. 

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Exchanges glances with Sharkey who dives on Weber after missile is launches,
watches with Nelson as Sharkey lands on top of Weber who is on top of grenade.

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Next seen in conning tower with Nelson looking for Crane who's okay, just a bit
stunned on the deck. Exchanges nice smiles with Nelson as explosion fixes the sky.