The Sky Is Falling
no tie episode!!

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Seaview 'back in Navy' episode!  Typical calm efficiency in Control Room, wielding the mighty XO Clipboard Of Power.


Delivers message from helicopter for
Nelson from Trigger-happy Tobin.

Speculation - I got really irritated with Tobin.  :P Is interesting how Lee looks to Nelson for tacit permission to follow Tobin's orders/suggestions.

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Chip looks properly solemn along with rest of crew as Tobin updates them.  Dive is mostly reruns of stock footage.  Orders Missile Room to prepare torpedoes per Crane's instructions, then turns around (giving very nice if brief rear view shot) to switch on nose camera.

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Still calm while going through whirlpool, says they won't be able to hold their course at their current speed.

Remains at Conn when Nelson, Crane and Tobin move to Observation Nose to see the spacecraft.  Watches spacecraft on screen with Control Room crew.  As men begin to panic when power goes out, Chip orders loudly 'All hands stand fast' and to break out battle lanterns. Definitely keeps crew from panicking.

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Checks on the men in the Control Room.  Temporarily calms crewman who's starting to panic, then stands back and allows chief to handle the crewman's second panic attack by knocking some sense into him and settles crew back down.  Good Navy procedure as officers aren't allowed to hit enlisted crew.  Only Chief can get away with it. heh

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Listens with rest of crew as small saucer settles on hull just over the hatch.  Again stays in Control Room while Nelson, Ski, Tobin and Crane go off to see the saucer.  Think he gets more conn time than Crane does. :P  Heads off to supervise pumping detail to use snorkle to get fresh air moving through boat.

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At the periscope as Chip sees destroyer group approaching.

Exchanges relieved looks with Nelson as Crane returns to boat.