Silent Saboteurs - set in 1976

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Comes forward to plot table and tells Lee that they have the space probe on full instrumentation. Smiles with Lee at astronaut's joking, then gets worried as the astronauts describe the problems they're having. Rushes over to radar as they lose contact with probe.

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Confirms with intelligence agent that all the info the probe had about space is now in the hands of unfriendlies. Heads off to put the "XR 3" gear in Flying Sub.

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Chip is working at computer, then contacts Sharkey in FS and tells him that Washington says there is a intell foul up and Crane may be walking into a trap

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Contacts Nelson via videophone and tells him that they've had no contact with Lee and that he might have run into a trap. Nelson tells him if Lee doesn't complete the mission, Sharkey and Ski will have to as another space ship is returning within 12 hours. Chip says there's been no public release of info and Nelson reminds him that they have a good reason why with the ships being shot down. Nelson goes on to say that the data from the Institute indicates that Halden's computer is similar to RG43 and Lee has to destroy it or Arcturus 4 will also be destroyed. 

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Gets message from Sharkey that Crane turned on emergency locator and gives him permission to follow. Communicates with Arcturus 4 who are on final approach, asks if they can use manual evasive maneuvers if necessary, is told they don't have enough fuel in maneuvering units. Says they'll keep 'em crossed, referring to fingers.