Secret of the Loch
tie tucked in episode

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Lee tells Nelson that Chip met with Dougal in Inverness and they are on their way back to Seaview. More normal Control Room stuff as Seaview moves into cavern.  Chip sees alert go off in torpedo control, Lee tells him to get duty electrician on it. When Ski and crew control fire and report to Crane, Lee tells Chip to get down there.

Nelson calls Chip over intercom and asks for update.
Chip replies that it's under control and no one was hurt.

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Ski and Chip are working on problem, Lee comes in and Ski fills him in that it looks like an accident. Lee says what about sabotage and Chip replies that it would require a detailed knowledge of their electrical system. Lee tells Chip to take over the conn and Ski to keep working on the problem.

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Nelson tells Chip to have a mini sub readied for launch immediately.
Chip says a mini sub? but orders Ski in the Missile Room to get it ready.