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Chip escorts Foster (in charge of security) to Nelson.

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Nelson is in the Control Room asking Chip where Lee is as he's late reporting. Chip says he hasn't seen him since they had dinner together Friday night and that they'd set a 9 am tee time at the country club for Saturday but that Lee didn't show up. Chip called Lee's apartment but got no answer. Definitely implies a close friendship between the two. Is worried but not too much. Nelson gets message that Lee is now aboard and tells Chip to have Lee get the ship underway immediately and then report to Nelson's cabin. Chip heads out aft hatchway.

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Chip greets Lee with "Glad to see you, Skipper." They exchange smiles. "The Admiral wants you to get underway as soon as possible." Lee has him get sea detail moving.

Forester makes Chip and his detail undergo a check for magnets then tells Chip to stay with the detail at all times. Crane tells him to report to the Control Room as soon as possible.

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When Spencer is shocked by the inertial navigation system shorting out, Chip tells them to cut off circuit 12, then calls Lee and Doc to come to Control Room.  When Lee and rest arrive, 'the' Doc is working on Spencer. Lee asks what happened and Chip says inertial navigator shorted out. Chip helps carry Spencer to Sick Bay.


During release of missiles, Chip is in the Missile Room with Nelson supervising the release. Is in the background looking concerned at Crane's difficulties with maneuvering.

Informs Crane over intercom that they've finished repairs and are two hours away from next drop time.

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Back in Control Room, surfaces ship to make repairs. Chip and Nelson overhear Foster asking Parker in Radio Shack if Crane has received any messages from his mother. Chip gives Foster a bit of a glare.

Chip is again in the Missile Room working the control panel for the drop.

Forester says he found the magnetic device in Chip's cabin. Nelson is shocked, saying he can't believe it as he's known Chip ever since he entered the Academy.

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Chip, Nelson, Ullman and Forester are visiting Crane in Sick Bay. Chip tells Lee that Engineering is preparing a steel plate to cover window until mission is over. Lee apologizes to Chip for dragging him into it. Chip replies "Forget it, Lee."