Season 3 Chip Data Bytes - not yet complete

wears wedding ring on left hand
Left in command of Seaview when Nelson and Crane are both off boat or incapacitated- Werewolf, Day the World Ended, Night of Terror, Deadly Waters, Deadly Invasion, Death From the Past, Mummy, Destroy Seaview!
Commands Seaview under Nelson when Crane is off boat or incapacitated - Monster from the Inferno, Werewolf, Terrible Toys, Deadly Waters, Plant Man, Mummy, Mermaid, Death From the Past, Deadly Cloud
Wounded/knocked out - Monster From the Inferno, Deadly Cloud, Destroy Seaview!
Wetsuit ALERT! - Night of Terror
Sets up explosives - Death From the Past
Seen setting up or working on electronics - Monster From The Inferno, Terrible Toys, Deadly Waters, Lost Bomb, Death From the Past, The Mummy, Shadowman, Destroy Seaview!
Computer weenie - Monster From The Inferno, Deadly Waters, Haunted Submarine, Plant Man, Lost Bomb, Heat Monster, Shadowman (Flight Control Director), Deadly Cloud, Destroy Seaview!
Gets to shoot Seaview's laser or radiation gun and/or blow up something - Night of Terror, Mermaid
Out of Uniform ALERT! - The Mummy (cream pj's with BLUE robe!!)
Best line - "San Francisco?! We're not only off course, we're in the wrong ocean!" - Day World Ended