Season 2 Chip Data Bytes
knows that Stu Riley can write music even if it's "that surfer stuff" - Escape From Venice
Implies that he played football for the Academy - Deadliest Game
Left in command of Seaview when both Crane and Nelson are off the boat - Jonah & Whale, Time Bomb, Escape From Venice, Deadliest Game, Silent Saboteurs, X Factor, Machines Strike Back, Terror on Dinosaur Island, Killers of the Deep, Return of Phantom 
Commands Seaview under Nelson when Crane is off boat - Escape From Venice, 
Deadliest Game, Graveyard of Fear, Dead Men's Doubloons, Return of Phantom  

Pilots Flying Sub - Time Bomb, Deadliest Game, Machines Strike Back
Pilots Mini Sub - Deadliest Game
Wetsuit ALERT! - Deadliest Game, Mechanical Man
Sets up explosives and/or unusual electronics - Deadliest Game, Machines Strike Back, Graveyard of Fear, Mechanical Man
Computer weenie - Time Bomb, Peacemaker, Silent Saboteurs, Phantom Strikes, is considered *the* computer expert of the boat in Mechanical Man 
Not in uniform - Deadliest Game (blue suit - YUM!)
Flight Jacket ALERT! - Time Bomb,  Left-Handed Man, Machines Strike Back
Is knocked out by explosion while getting FS-1 ready, doesn't want to be taken to Sick Bay as he says he's "fine" - Phantom Strikes
Has served with Nelson for "a long time" - Return of Phantom
Best line - "Well, you can't win 'em all!" said with a smirk to Lee who is miffed that the lady scientist is all business - Leviathan