The Return of the Phantom

In flashback of Kruger's funeral. All officers are wearing khaki covers with crossed
anchors behind shield and salute as the body drops into the sea.

Back in control room, Chip gives Lee updated duty roster. Lee questions
putting Ski back on duty but Chip tells Skipper that Doc released him for duty.

After Nelson tells Lee that he wants to speak with him in his cabin, Lee tells Chip that he's
worried about the Admiral, thinks he might be close to the breaking point and to stay by the
intercom just in case Lee needs him.

Chip is at periscope watching and telling Captain that Seaview is going down. All fall down at
Seaview hits bottom. He and Lee have trouble getting back up as they feel like their bodies
are full of lead and are having difficulty breathing.

After Nelson agrees to Kruger's terms and releases the ship, Lee and Chip slowly pull
themselves to their feet. Chip's voice is rough as he relays Crane's order to blow main ballast.

Eventually relays to Crane that all systems are back up and functioning.
Is sent by Lee to go to Engineering and make a complete check fore and aft.
He returns to tell the Skipper that they could find no reason for the malfunction.

Chip is at plot table when Nelson shoots Crane. All are in shock for a brief
moment, then Chip orders Nelson subdued and rushes to Lee's side.

Chip loosens Lee's tie and checks his wound.  He then pulls a handkerchief from
his back pocket and sticks it inside Lee's shirt to stem the bleeding.

Entering Sick Bay, Chip completely ignores the calls from Nelson who is in a straightjacket on exam table nearest door.  Chip heads over to table where Lee is. Worriedly asks if Lee is still alive and if he will live. Doc asks Chip and the other crew to leave. Chip demands updates on Lee every five minutes then returns to the Control Room. Continues to ignore Nelson.

Chip is shocked to see Lee return to the Control Room and is worried that he's more hurt than
he appears.  Kruger reassures him that it was minor, but Chip is still rather shocked.

Very reluctantly follows Kruger/Crane's orders to put the Admiral under
arrest for attempted murder. Tone is very resigned and sad, though still calm.
Then leaves on K/C's orders to see that it's carried out.

Chip visits Nelson in Sick Bay. Is very formal with him, standing straight with hands behind
back. Nelson asks Chip if he asked himself why Crane didn't stay shot. Chip replies that he's
been having a lot of questions lately but hasn't come up with any answers. Nelson says he
has some answers but that he doubts Chip will believe him. Chip responds quietly "I'm
listening." Nelson then tells him that Crane is possessed by Kruger. Chip replies in a very
cool tone, "If you say so, sir."

Nelson gets more emphatic and Chip tries to settle him back down, saying softly that he
believes him and that he needs to relax. Shows compassion for his commanding officer and boss. Nelson says "We know each other pretty well. Been together a long time. That ought to mean something." Chip replies firmly, "Yes, sir." Then Nelson asks him to do just one thing for him, "You know Crane as well as anyone. Just talk to him and see if you can convince yourself he's the man you know. Can you do that much for me?" Chip replies softly, "I'll do that much," then turns and heads back to Control Room.

Opens hatch to FS, but tells Lee that he can't take out the Flying Sub as he just got out of
Sick Bay. Lee responds that he has to be in Pearl Harbor before Seaview due to top secret
stuff that he'll explain later. Lee then directs Chip to command the Seaview, surface and make
to Pearl at best speed. Chip is now suspicious and goes to block Lee from getting into the FS,
but Lee decks him and gets away in the sub.

Chip talks quietly with Nelson, telling him that he got suspicious when Lee told him to make
speed to Pearl on the surface as anyone who's served aboard a nuclear sub knows they make
better speed submerged. Nelson reminds Chip that K/C's mistake is appropriate for a WWI
sub commander and that it confirms what Nelson has been trying to tell him.

Chip replies, "I don't know, sir. I can believe almost anything except the idea that Kruger is in Crane's body." Nelson replies, "How do you explain Crane's actions?" Chip responds, "He's out of his mind. He must be! Before he left in the Flying Sub he was wild." He pauses and then realizes, "Wait! That proves my point! Crane can fly that craft, a sub jockey from WWI sure couldn't!" Nelson explains it as conditioned reflexes, that Crane's body could fly the FS in his sleep.  Nelson tries to convince Chip that he was compelled to pull the trigger by Kruger.

 Chip still isn't sure, but Nelson says that they need to follow Crane and free him from Kruger. Chip says they lost track of the FS over the South Pacific. Nelson asks Chip to let him return to his cabin and look over charts of the area. Chip agrees, saying "All right. You give the orders and I'll carry them out," but that he will still post a guard at Nelson's door. Nelson tells him to head south immediately. Chip replies that he'll have Nelson released.  This whole exchange demonstrates Chip's amazingly strong loyalty towards Nelson.  This and the words about them having worked together for a 'long time' implies that there is a strong bond of friendship present between Chip and Nelson within the strictures of rank and command structure.

Back in Control Room, Chip orders course change, much to Riley's chagrin.

Returning to Nelson's cabin, Chip tells Nelson that they haven't picked up the FS on radar and
he suggests they change course. Nelson calls him over to his desk and shows him the island
of Mulayo, tells him to heave to next to the island and set up missile coordinates to destroy
the island. Chip is stunned and Nelson again reassures him that he's doing the right thing.  Chip replies that he'll get on it right away. But he does  pause a moment to look back at Nelson before he leaves the cabin.

In Control Room, orders detail to get raft ready as Ski and Riley wonder why the admiral
is leaving in a raft. Chip tells Nelson that the raft and missile are both ready.

As Kruger stops the Flying Sub, they hear Chip counting down, then firing the missile, but the
effect shows two torpedoes destroying the island.  Ending is far too abrupt. :P