Price of Doom
no tie episode!!

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Concerned when Sparks can't reach the Ice Station.

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Efficiently takes sub back down after they scrub the smoke.

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 Exchanges looks with Lee as Crane heads aft to chase people out of the Missile Room.

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Shares  very amused smiles with Sparks and Crane at the bush pilot's wiseass responses to Crane but is concerned with why Washington would send a plane to pick up a scientist.

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Tells seaman to switch to manual tracking to shoot down attack plane lock and explode by auto control.  Is told by Curley that it will take a few minutes to make the switch.  Supervises tracker to shoot down plane.  Smiles and lays hand on seaman's shoulder after successful destruction of bogey.  Is told to dive the sub by Nelson.

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Typical Control Room rock 'n roll during sabotage.  Chip calmly reports to Nelson that they are staying in trim after the sabotage, wonders why someone would sabotage ship while they're on it.  After more discussion, states that the reason for the plane was not only an attack but to get the saboteur off the boat.   

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Glares at Mr. Wesley as the jerk demands explanations while Nelson tells him to leave, then reports that they're staying in trim with engines stopped.

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  After plankton creature takes out gyro, Chip reports that they've lost the gyro stabilizers and are losing trim.  Command team are not happy campers.

Over intercom, tells Crane that they plankton is only a bulkhead or two away from the Control Room. 

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 Hands Nelson the mic just as Crane is trying to tell them his plan but gets cut off when intercom goes down.  Exchanges worried looks with Admiral.

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Concerned with rest of crew but calm while lady spy holds them at gunpoint.

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Rushes over to Nelson to help him when Admiral is shot by the spy.
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 Exchanges relieved looks with Nelson as they hear the water rushing in to kill the plankton.