The Phantom Strikes

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As Nelson comes down the spiral stairs and heads over to the plot table, Chip reports that they've completed this sector. Lee and Chip report to Nelson that they've now charted a huge area and are ahead of schedule. Nelson is pleased, telling them that they should be able to head for home in three days. They trade smiles, glad to be close to going home.

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Chip feeds the data into the computer. Takes over maneuvering as Crane tells him to get the boat closer to the sunken sub. Calls attention to where the German sub begins to rise. 

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Up on bridge in conning tower organizing rescue of a mysterious survivor.
Wearing cover (Navy term for hat) and using bullhorn.

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Patterson is at plot table, telling Morton that either the computer has blow a cork or he had. Chip replies dryly that his money is on the computer. Lee comes over to see what's the problem. Chip is ticked that they're off course and that the computer is giving them problems with navigation. Inertial navigator doesn't seem to be working correctly, but when checked, it's been reset by someone. Patterson took the readings from the 'navigation satellite'. When Lee says there's only one person who could have set the course, Chip replies that Kruger has been under surveillance all night. Replies "Right, Skipper" when told to get them back on course. Settles in at chart to calculate.

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In control room on periscope island when the U boat returns. Doesn't get much to say, but looks verrry nice in his tight khaki pants with one leg propped up on island ledge. ;) 

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Chip is getting Flying Sub ready for launch when there is an explosion and he's knocked out.

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 Lee and Nelson are worried that he's hurt. As they bring him up he coughs out that he's all right, but Lee orders the men to take him to Sick Bay anyway.

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Is on deck with others as Crane reads burial service for Kruger.
Gives lovely crisp salute as the body is dropped into the sea.

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Back on duty in the control room when they go after the sub again while they're on the surface. Crane is up on bridge trying to make a visual contact using infrared searchlight. When Nelson calls the sub a Flying Dutchman, Chip gives him a great 'look'. <g>

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After missile hits sub, Crane calls down and tells Morton that it was a direct hit and to take her down. At end, when all are staring at where Kruger disappeared to, Lee tells the crew to get back to work but they're still a bit stunned. Chip gets them moving. He says "The captain said man your stations. Full speed ahead. Now move it!"