Peacemaker - set in 1978

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At AMRAC computer, reads off position to Crane and sets for silent running. Comes forward to surface ship.  Cracks hatch for Nelson and Crane to go to conning tower/flying bridge to observe the new bomb test by a 'foreign power', has running lights turned off.

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Hands Nelson a communication, Nelson tells him to set course for rendevous with junk

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Waits anxiously with Nelson, takes over on periscope and spots Crane and Lang. Surfaces boat to pick them up.  Again working at AMRAC when Crane asks position. 

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Chip comes across Riley starting to open hatch and orders him to stop asking 'what the devil do you think you're doing?'. Sharkey tells him he gave the orders to Riley, that he's going in there to stop the guy and begins to push past Riley and Morton. Chip grabs his upper arms and holds him back saying 'no you're not, do you want to blow this ship to kingdom come?' Sharkey says 'it's the only way', Chip pushes him back to the bulkhead and says with firmness, 'if you go through that hatch you'll be under arrest. Is that clear Mister?' Voice is raised by the end. Sharkey pushes Morton's hands off and settles down saying 'aye, sir'. Chip tells him that he knows how the chief feels and that the entire crew would like to get their hands around Lang's throat but this in not the way to do it. Sharkey replies, 'do you know a better way sir?' Chip answers that the Admiral is working on it right now and that he'll come up with something. Sharkey says 'aye, sir' and walks off. Can tell he's not really convinced, but it was smart of Chip to remind Sharkey about the ability of the Admiral to save their butts since Sharkey dang near worships Nelson. Chip exchanges glances with Riley and heads off himself.

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After Nelson devises a plan, they tell Chip and his crew to be ready to move immediately. Crane asks if his men know what to do. Chip replies 'positive, there won't be any slip ups.' He does look at Sharkey rather sharply.  hehehe

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The crew comes in on signal with tools for Nelson who disconnects the cylinders. Chip opens the escape hatch and tells the men to remove the flaps and stanchions while the others put the bomb's shell inside.