Night of Terror
Wetsuit Alert!

In Missile Room communicating with Diving Bell, checking depth and descent rate. After they learn of approaching tidal wave, he directs the quick retrieval of the Bell, but it's too late.

The tidal wave hits and it's rock 'n roll time!

Has crew cooling down spinning winch after cable snaps. When Lee calls, Chip tells him that the cable snapped, the winch 'flamed out' and that they lost contact with the Bell.

 Wetsuit alert!!! Chip leads diving repair party wearing black wetsuit which
contrasts so very well with his blond hair and fits oh so nicely. :D

 Lee calls the diving repair team asking how much longer. Chip replies over mic about 20 minutes more, then shouts Sharks, sharks! and tells his men to move off. Crane tells Missile Room to prepare escape hatch as the divers are under shark attack.

 The divers return with one man injured and Chip orders the others to take him to Sick Bay. Chip informs Lee that the man didn't have time to finish repairing frame 34. Lee says they have to start the search pattern anyway.

 Back in khakis in Control Room, gives Lee seismological update warning of second tidal wave hitting in three hours, that the weather room says the pressure building behind it is terrific and that they might need to stop the search. Lee protests that they need to find the diving bell. Chip reminds him that they can't dive beneath the turbulence because that would cause frame 34 to bust wide open. Crane says they'll have to chance it, that it's the only thing that matters now. Crane orders the Flying Sub made ready. Chip says the diving bell washed up on an uncharted island, the Admiral is under attack by a giant lizard, then asks Crane what he's going to do. :::snicker::: Lee responds that he's going to expand the search pattern by using FS-1.

 Chip asks Sparks over mike to patch him into FS-1. He informs Lee that both seismology
and weather indicate tremendous pressure building up that will hit in two hours.

Calls Lee to tell him they are standing off the island at periscope depth and asks where they are and if they've found the Admiral yet. After hearing that they haven't found the Admiral, Chip informs them that the latest reports say the next tidal wave is only fifty minutes away more or less. Lee tells him to wait 30 minutes for them, then, if they haven't made contact, to take Seaview out of storm's path Tells Chief via radio that they have only one minute to deadline and to rouse the rest of the shore party.

 Admiral talks to Chip who tells him that they can see the raft, Ski has the Flying Sub operational. Nelson tells him they need covering fire from Seaview to kill the lizard creature, to use short range missiles, giving the shore party two minutes before they fire. Chip starts to say 'Admiral, the margin of error...' but Nelson tells him they have to take that risk. After a brief worried pause, Chip calls the Missile Room and tells them to prepare short range weapons. On Nelson's command, Chip fires first missile which takes out lizard as Nelson ducks. heh