tie tucked in episode

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Calm telling Lee about call from Stark, ever present XO clipboard under arm, smiles very slightly when Lee compares Stark to Capt. Bligh.

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Lee calls Chip by his nickname while giving him orders and is overheard by Stark who takes Lee to task. Lee tells Stark that Chip is a good friend and that he calls him "Mr. Morton" when in front of the crew but alone he uses his first name.

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Calm while Seaview is sinking though he tells Lee about all
the systems that are NOT working. 

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While diving party is out discussion between Chip and Lee is tense as they try to figure out an answer to lack of maneuvering capabilities, Chip defends the crew saying they are working on the compressors as fast as they can with repairing the ballast tanks and that they'll have to wait. Lee decides to ask the computer.

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Calmly answers Nelson's question about the ballast tanks.

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Discussing problem with Lee, is skeptical, especially as the maneuver the computer recommends will bring them within 50 ft. of crush depth.  Chip asks what Nelson thinks. Lee asks if Chip has noticed anything wrong with Nelson but is interrupted before Chip can respond more than saying "What do you mean?".

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Chip is reluctant to escort Lee to his cabin when ordered to do so by Stark, but tilts head in direction of hatchway and exchanges glances with Lee who starts to follow him, but then quickly elbows him in the stomach and grabs a gun. When Lee takes over, Chip calls him Captain and then 'Lee' with a considerable amount of anguish.  Watches Lee with concern, but still reads off speed and depth during the maneuver.

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Chip calls Lee when jellyfish returns, calmly waits for word to fire
attack generators for charge through hull.