Monster's Web

Chip is sitting with Lee, monitoring the Navy sub's speed test of a new fuel. Chip is
wondering what Gant is doing as the sub's speed is up to 65 knots. Lee is also
concerned. As the sub's speed increases, Chip says the hull won't be able to take
the stress. Lee says it might, but that the instrumentation isn't calibrated for such
speed. Chip replies that means they'll be running blind and that maybe the Admiral
can talk some sense into him. Lee sends him off to talk to Nelson.

Gant comes aboard boat to supervise more fuel tests. Is out of uniform since he's under a
board of inquiry regarding his lost boat. Lee and Chip are at plotting table where Lee gives
Chip the approx. coordinates and tells Chip to plot a course there at flank speed as Gant and
Nelson will be searching via the Flying Sub. Chip is not impressed with Gant.

Lee tells Chip to get Riley ready for Flying Sub detail with Nelson and Gant.
Chip heads out of CR. Later reports to Nelson that FS is ready to launch.

As Nelson (only partially seen 'cause this is when he gets sick), Riley and Gant link up with
sub, underwater spider webs up the Flying Sub, trapping the men. Chip and Lee are in Radio
Shack trying to make contact with the Admiral.

Spider wraps up FS and starts dragging it away.  Meanwhile, back on Seaview, Lee
and Chip have no idea what's happening. They are at plotting table when sonar reports
a contact which might be the FS.  Chip says to activate the nose camera.

  They see the FS wrapped up in webbing. Chip says when they get back
he'll be the first one to apologize to Gant for doubting him.

Lee and Chip are in Radio Shack again, trying to reach FS as they see it try to break free.
Chip says it's big trouble. Lee says with Gant they should have expected it. Lee heads off to suit up with Ski and redshirt.  Chip supervises their suiting up and watches as they leave.

After divers free FS, Riley flies it back and reports to Morton about Nelson and
Balter, the sub's exec. Chip has them take both men to Sick Bay.

Heads to Missile Room to check out returning divers. Asks Ski where the skipper is. Is told that he's still out there with Gant.  Overhears Nelson and Crane on intercom.

Tells Nelson that the nose laser is ready to fire and is told to come about for a nose shot. Orders laser fired, which injures the spider and drives it away for the moment.

Helps the returned Crane out of gear, then heads back to CR.

Back in CR, Ski calls Morton's attention to the obs. windows where they see the spider
returning toward Seaview. Ski ask if they can make a run for it. Chip replies that the
movement would catch its attention but it might ignore them if they stay still.
Spider doesn't listen and attacks Seaview. Rock 'n roll time!!!

 Lee enters CR and joins Ski and Chip. Lee orders Chip to prepare to fire a charge through the hull. Chip heads over to plotting table mike. Orders the charge through the hull. It works!

 Lee and Chip watch Gant head out in diving gear to deal with spider using his explosive on a spear gun head. Explosion rocks the boat, then they see Gant floating in front of the windows.