The Monster From Outer Space - set in 1978

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Brings message to Nelson in Control Room. Asked over intercom to send
electricians down to set up UV rays in Missile Room.

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After Crane gets orders, Chip surfaces the boat, referencing O'Brien.

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Chip is in Radio Shack when Lee comes up. Chip tells him that the Admiral is having a bit of a problem with his approach to the U.S.S. Huron aircraft carrier. They put it on speakers and hear that there is fog surrounding the carrier. Nelson says they'll use their new fog-cutting nose camera. Chip says they've never used the new fog camera and that it had better work. Admiral makes a good landing and both Chip and Lee are relieved.  So it's canon that the Flying Sub can make a carrier landing.

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 Is lured aft by the possessed Ski who tells him that they're having troubles with stores aft of the Missile Room that are shifting and that he needs Morton's help. Chip raises eyebrow at Lee who nods and says he'd better check it out.

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 In Missile Room, Chip writhes around in pain then comes to and touches
back of neck where two small marks are noticeable.

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Back in Control Room, Lee is getting ticked at Riley who says he'll only take orders from the Exec. Chip walks into CR, rubbing back of neck. Lee fills him in on Riley's insubordination. Chip says he'll take care of it. Lee heads off and Chip exchanges looks with Riley then tells him to go to Sick Bay. For a moment Riley looks like he's going to protest, then he understands and he and Chip exchange sly smiles

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Doctor reports to Chip that Crane is now one of them too. They head for the carrier. 

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Chip reminds Lee that if Sharkey and Nelson return, they'll have to be taken over as well. As FS-1 returns, Chip asks Lee if they should take Nelson over immediately or wait. Lee says wait and Chip argues a bit but Crane pulls rank on him to which he responds 'aye, sir.' While Crane waits for Nelson by FS hatch, Chip and Dr. watch the alien appear briefly on the chart table. Chips nods slightly like he's gotten orders.

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Once aboard, Nelson asks Chip if everything is ship-shape, he responds that all is secure. Chip watches with concern as Nelson challenges Lee as to their speed and Lee tries to cover their actions.

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Watches with rest of crew while monster exposes self and Sharkey and Nelson get away. Lee orders Chip to find and kill them. Chip and others grab guns and head after them. Leads crew through ship and corners them. They escape out the ventilation ducts and head to the lab.

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Tries to stop Sharkey from pressing button to shock the creature.
Collapses as creature leaves due to admiral's gadget.