Monster from the Inferno

In Control Room, watching readouts from computer indicating power surges.

The command trio heads over to the monitor where they watch Lindsay who is diving outside looking at a big glowing rock thingy (pardon the technical terminology <vbg>. As Sharkey reports the levels of radiation getting high, Chip and Lee exchange concerned looks.

 Tossed around with rest of crew during rock 'n roll. Heads off with Chief to check out damage to Seaview while Crane and Ski rescue Lindsay.

 Chip reports to Nelson that the reactor is acting erratically, but that they should have power in just a few minutes. Nelson says the rock formation is still active. Chip replies that it's too active for his taste and that whatever it hit them with packed a real wallop. Nelson says that it didn't kill Lindsay. Chip is surprised and says 'he's still alive?'. Nelson responds that Crane is bringing him aboard right now.

 When eeevil brain takes over computer, Chip is first to head to computer terminal in Control Room and reports that there must be a short. Nelson orders him to the Circuitry Room.

 Chip enters and is pushed into the wires by Lindsay and the shock knocks him out.

 When Nelson calls down for a report and gets no answer, he heads down there immediately with Sharkey. Is very concerned. Nelson and Sharkey find Chip and take him to Sick Bay.

 Nelson waits with Chip to find out from the Doc how he is. Doc says the burns on his back and his condition indicates an electrical shock but that he'll be okay. Doc will sedate him and let him get a good night's sleep and he should be okay for active duty in the morning. Nelson gets zapped by creature while watching Doc take care of Chip, but only gets a headache out of it. Nelson shows nice concern for Chip. Chip looks so adorably young while unconscious.<g>

Next morning, Chip is recovered and is working on repairing the computer, soldering wires. Tells Nelson that he's still not sure what happened in the Circuitry Room, that he tested some switches and then blacked out. Nelson replies that it was probably just an accidental contact and that it was fortunate it wasn't any worse. Is nice to see the two working comfortably together to repair the circuits. Crane comes in as they work and demands to know what they're doing. Nelson and Chip look up as Admiral tells Lee they're making repairs and should be done soon. Lee says they'll have to finish the repairs while underway. Both Chip and Nelson give Lee rather astonished looks while Nelson says 'underway?.' Lee and Nelson argue a bit and Lee ends up ordering Chip to set a new course and head back to Santa Barbara.

 Chip says "aye, aye, sir" and heads over to chart where he tells Nelson that the course Lee gave won't take them home, but to Australia. Nelson tells him to set the heading anyway then pats Chip on the back (below the burned area, hopefully lol) and walks away. Chip looks after him a moment with a worried looks then turns back to the charts.

 Chip is working at instruments when Nelson asks him to try a small course change. It doesn't work and Seaview stays on course of 280 at 100 ft. Nelson says all right and has Chip come forward with him to the Observation Nose.

 The Admiral explains to Chip how he thinks Seaview is under control, from the power loss, Chip's accident, the computer banks wiped, etc. Chip says there does seem make a pretty strong case but... Nelson continues with how Lindsay and Crane are acting strangely. Chip says it could just be the stress they're all under, but Nelson replies that the other things add up to the creature controlling things. Chip says 'you're talking about that creature we brought on board'. Nelson agrees and says it's more intelligent and dangerous than anything. Chip says then what are we going to do about it. Nelson explains that there may be a way of short circuiting its power and orders Chip to pass the word quietly to the crew to stay away from portside corridor B and the lab.

 Chip is at the computer area. As Crane comes over, Chip flips some switches and the computer is up and running again. Chip says the Admiral must have repaired the power leads. Stays working at the computer while Crane gets 'talked to' by the brain.

 As Seaview goes into uncontrolled dive, Chip is at the helm controls trying to reverse it. Tells Crane they're going to hit bottom within three to four minutes or reach crush depth. While Nelson and Sharkey are working in Reactor Room, Chip and Lee are fighting with the helm. The alien takes over the helmsmen and Crane orders Ski to fire the counter probe which frees them.

When Nelson enters Control Room, he asks Chip if they can get underway, he replies that the reactor is still out. Chip is listening on sonar. All get shaken up with rock 'n roll when brain explodes. As things return to normal, Chip reports to Nelson that sonar has no more contact and the brain must have been completely destroyed.