Mist of Silence
No tie episode!!

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Normal chart work at plotting table in Control Room.  Lee and Chip are drinking
coffee from mugs they approach the rendezvous coordinates. 

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 Reports that there is no radio contact with the Libertad.  Exchanges quick concerned glances with Nelson when Lee and operative leave to check out the abandoned yacht. 
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Anxious but controlled when they lose contact with Lee and see another ship heading to the Libertad.  Determined when Nelson says to prepare to change course.
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Brings Nelson word of change in meeting place.
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Takes reading from Curley and orders "all stop" as they've reached the coordinates. Very unruffled when Nelson says Chip is to command Seaview while he goes ashore.

Speculation - from the matter of fact way Chip responds to Nelson giving him temporary command it sounds like it's not the first time.  This and the many times over the four seasons that Chip is left in charge of the Seaview while Nelson and Crane go off and play, shows that Chip is quite comfortable with command.  This reinforces my own opinion that Chip is perfectly capable of a command of his own but prefers being the Seaview's XO. 
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Takes change in location of drop off of Nelson with calm concern.
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Paces a bit as they wait for the Admiral.  Smiles easily at Curley's comments about not being married because he hates to wait. Has verrrrrrrry nice smile. Stands with arms crossed while smiling but quickly loses smile when Sparks brings him message supposedly from Nelson.

Listens to Curley's opinion about the early rendezvous message though he's suspicious, saying that it's not like the Admiral to change plans midway and that he wishes they could confirm the change in plans. Again there is an implication that Chip trusts Curley quite a bit.
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When under attack from depth charges dropped from plane, dives boat
and releases oil and debris to mimic damage to Seaview by playing dead.
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Remains calm as they sit on the bottom and repair ship. Puts hand on Curley's shoulder as he firmly reminds the Chief that they must have the boat fixed in time to meet the shore party. Nice pensive look leaning on periscope railing after Curley leaves Control Room.