The Menfish

First seen 14:27 in Control Room. Lee hands Chip data to check with inertial navigator.
Heads over to instrumentation, rips off a report and confirms that they're right on the button.

Working at plotting table when Admiral and Dr. Borgman walk up. Reports 300 ft. keel to
bottom to Dr. B. Aft store room alarm goes off and Crane leaves CR. Chip must have already
had the conn as Lee doesn't hand it over.

At plotting table while Borgman, Park and Lee watch manfish through observation
nose windows. As Park and Borgman head to Missile Room, he watches them leave.
Lee comes over to table and exchanges looks with Chip.

Lee asks Chip if Admiral Park seemed all right to him. Chip replies that he seems preoccupied with his work. Lee is worried as Park is letting Borgman run the show. Chip agrees.

Seaview's doc (not Richard Bull) comes down spiral staircase and
says he's not sure what to put down for seaman's death. Chip asks didn't he die of
concussion from shelves falling on him, but doc replies that the seaman was dead before the
head injuries. Lee gives permission for a post-mortem and to keep the results between the
three of them (Lee, Chip and Doc). Lee and Chip exchanged concerned looks.

In Control Room when giant manfish attacks. Typical rock 'n roll. Tells Lee when reactors are
at full power as Crane plans on putting charge through hull to zap creature. Reports that the
zap didn't faze the creature. Second charge shakes creature lose briefly. Lee wants third
charge, but Chip tells him that there's not enough power in the reactors and that they have to
recycle. Third zap doesn't shake creature either.

Chip says the way he's shaking the boat, they'll rip apart at the seams. Loads more rock 'n roll as the creature plays with his new toy.

Lee fires laser but it doesn't seem to work. Admiral Park launches in the Flying Sub. Chip
says if they lose one more bulkhead she'll break in half. Park shoots the manfish with FS1's
laser. Chip shares relieved smiles with Lee as they check in with Admiral Park.