The Mechanical Man - set in 1978
Wetsuit Alert!!!

Gets tossed about in a classic Seaview rock 'n roll.
Is told to find the source of whatever shook them and heads over to computer.

Is shocked when Lee tells him that Vendon (sp) is dead. They discuss the rest of the
instrument readings and Chip asks if Omir reported on the drill shaft or head.

Chip and Lee check the readings and are disturbed to find shaft pressure is at border of danger zone. Chip says that a couple of pounds of pressure will blow the shaft wide open.

Quietly watches while Crane confronts Omir with dangerous data then is told to enter the data
into the computer. Omir gives a prediction of what the reading will be. When Lee asks if that
agrees, Chip replies dryly that he and the computer are not as fast as Mr. Omir. hehehe

As Omir tells Crane that his experience and special knowledge enables him to make an educated guess, Chip returns with the data which agrees with Omir. He says "Very good, sir." To which Omir responds "genius is the word" causing Chip to raise an eyebrow and get a priceless 'oh brother' look on his face. :::grin:::

Takes Omir to look at the computer's prime circuits and tells him if he has any questions to
just ask him. Yet more data indicating that Chip is the Seaview's computer expert. Omir is
dismissive and arrogant, peeking inside cabinets. Chip is not impressed with Omir's boasting.
As Omir says everything looks fine, Chip replies with a dry "Glad to hear it."

Back in Control Room says that Omir is right again. When Lee says that he doesn't like it,
Chip replies that it annoys him too, someone being that smart and right all the time gets under
your hide. Lee replies that he meant how the pressure should be getting greater but it's not.
Chip asks if he has an explanation and Lee replies that he's no scientist. Chip says that he
should try to reach the Admiral at the Institute but Lee says he can't reach him.

They encounter more turbulence but they watch in disbelief as core pressure
reading still says normal. Tossed about as drill top comes off. Watches in shock
at the drill area, saying the pressure readings were normal.

Chip says that if the eruption hadn't been under water it would have spread over half a mile into the sky. Omir contacts them and says the problem isn't serious. Chip crosses his arms and glares. :) Lee says he's going to cap the hole, then breaks contact with Omir. Chip asks if Lee is really going to plug the shaft without authority, Lee says yes, if he has to.

Watches as Lee talks with head of Geophysical Institute who is concerned about the results
but then changes his tune as Omir influences him. Chip is concerned that Lee might try to
cap the shaft without permission but Lee says he needs proof.

Pulls out fire extinguisher to help stop fire after explosion.

Talks with Lee as they get damage updates. Lee shares that he's very suspicious
about all the weird happenings.  FS-1 is damaged but Chip sends repair crews to
work on it. Admiral Nelson is out of reach so Chip says that it's all up to Crane.

They watch the chaos appearing across the world and know that they have to do
something. Lee plans on blowing the wall of the shaft but Omir appears and causes
havoc. While Lee talks with Omir, Chip and Riley exchanged worried glances.

 Omir zaps some areas of the control room instrumentation causing
rock 'n roll. Chip and Riley go after Omir until Crane says to stop.

Lee tells Chip to lead a diving team to set the explosives. As he moves to head off to suit up,
Lee puts hand on his shoulder and says Omir might be able to sense the divers so they need
a distraction. Shows a nice concern for his friend and crewmen.

Chip enters Missile Room where Riley has mines ready and Ski has recovered from Omir's attack. Tells Ski to suit up and that he and Jensen are going to join him in a little swim. Is concerned when Riley tells him that Ski has only just awakened after being knocked out, but Ski convinces him that he's okay to go, especially since he's an expert in the bombs being used. Chip says all right Ski's in but hopes that he won't regret it. They start getting out of
their clothes to suit up but the camera cuts away muuuuch too early. :P

Party is ready to go and Lee wishes them luck.

Not sure if this is stuntman or Robert, but is NOT stock
footage because of the mines slung over shoulder.

 Chip leads them into the instrumentation cave. Wetsuit looks reeeeally
good on Chip. ;) Constant quakes make trip difficult.

Ski trips and activates one of the mines. Chip says they'll still have just enough time
to return to Seaview and that they should set it up. Ski and Chip work together to
wire it while Jensen Red Shirt looks around worriedly.

 Omir traps them in force fields. Jensen freaks out and charges into one of
the fields and is disintegrated. Chip calls and tells Lee their problem.

Chip proposes he and Ski use their laser guns to blast the force field's electrode to try and
disrupt it. Puts hand on Ski's arm before he can aim and says that their shooting might cause the field to go haywire and fill the cave. Ski responds that he came to play.

 Chip and Ski eventually destroy the one field. Chip says 'at least we can place those
bombs' and slaps Ski's shoulder. They head off deeper into the instrumentation cave.

After planting their bombs, they head back to the last force field. Ski says "Now what, sir?"
Chip replies that they've done their job and it's up to the Skipper now.

After another shaking up, they see the remaining field is now off.
Chip says it must be the Skipper and that they need to go.

Chip exits escape hatch and asks Riley where the skipper is.
Riley replies that he hasn't returned yet in the Flying Sub. Chip gets
very worried look on face and rushes off to control room.

Chip, back in his khakis, rejoins Lee in Control Room where Lee has just heard that the
Admiral is returning from his mission and that the earthquakes are subsiding around the world.

Chip says it was still too close for his liking. Chip and Lee talk about how the android was
destroyed, then Chip smiles says he'll go pipe the Admiral aboard and Lee says he'll join him.