Magnus Beam
no tie episode!

Wetsuit Alert!!!
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Presents Nelson with scanning reports on clipboard, normal efficiency

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Very relaxed with Nelson and doesn't believe the turncoat. Tells Nelson that he realizes there's no way they could have measured the underwater channel without physically measuring it from below. Calmly acknowledges Nelson's orders.

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Edges Seaview into channel under Nelson's direction

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Sealed into Missile Room by beam which freezes all ferromagnetic items, tries hatch but can't budge it, notices depth gauge is not frozen.

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Holds Patterson back when Pat wants to tell the traitor to shut up, and shoots down Curley's idea when he suggests they use scuba, reminds him that they can't open the escape hatch.

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Preps for scuba attack with Nelson, Curley and Kowalski, team works very efficiently, setting explosives on the beam generator, shooting the bad guy guards, then slipping away.