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Command trio and Miss Sloane are dining in Observation Nose. Meal consists of steak, baked potatoes, green beans and a tossed salad.  The salt is being passed around and Chip, nice smile, offers it to Slone who says she never uses it.

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In Control Room at chart table, Lee asks Chip their position. Chip responds that they're making good progress...pauses then smirks...ship-wise. Lee smiles and says 'touché'. He goes on to say that he's never seen a woman like Cara Slone, with nothing on her mind but business. Chip smiles and teases Lee, 'well, you can't win 'em all!", then moves away. Lee smiles then focuses attention back on work. :::snerk:::  nice teasing moment.

Calls Nelson via intercom, tells him the Captain would
like him to come to Control Room when he's free.

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Arms crossed, rubbing chin with right hand, glaring at Riley who is trying to convince him and the Captain that he saw something. After hearing Riley's story about a sea monster, the Admiral asks if sonar picked up anything. Chip replies very tersely with a glare at Riley, "Negative." As Riley continues to defend his story, Chip says that they gave him a sobriety test and he's okay.  His expressions are most amusing and his tone says he's really ticked at Riley but controlling himself.

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Calm in Control Room while they deal with the hallucinations, relaying Crane's orders, telling Missile Room to prep torpedoes.  Stares in surprise with rest of crew as the threat disappears.
Lee tells Chip that all the instrumentation checks out. Chip quips that maybe they need mass eye examinations.

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All officers are called to Control Room and briefed about the weirdness. Lee says they've checked and rechecked all systems. Chip reports that they've doubled the watches on sonar and radar and cut their forward speed to 2/3.

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Sees Ski concerned over something and asks what's the trouble. Ski says he hates to say it but... Chip looks at sonar and sees blips. Nice byplay between Ski and Chip. Chip goes to tell Lee and says, 'guess what?'. Lee is NOT amused.

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Chip preps the Flying Sub for launch then climbs out and reports its readiness to the Admiral, tucking a small black notebook under his arm. He then goes back into the FS to put the Admiral's briefcase aboard. After Admiral and Slone go down into FS, Chip climbs back out and dogs the hatch. Watches with Lee as they launch FS-1.

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Watches sonar with Ski and Crane, as they see many more contacts. Chip says to Lee, 'can't we get out of here?' and Crane agrees, ordering them to move away. They both watch as the large fish continue to swim around Seaview until they actually get hit by one and realize that the critters are real.

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 When they can't contact the Admiral, Lee tells Chip to set a course for the undersea lab. Chip responds that he already did. Ski reports another huge contact and Lee orders Chip to prepare all of Seaview's weaponry. Chip is more than ready to comply. Chip reports that all weapons systems are ready and Lee waves him over to sonar. Chip says it can't be that big.  Watches with rest of Control Room crew as they shoot torpedoes at the huge man attacking them.

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Command trio are eating lunch (soup and a salad) in Observation Nose. Chip asks Lee to pass the salt. Lee picks it up, smiles and asks, "Do you want to live dangerously?" Chip smiles and says, on second thought, forget it.