The Left Handed Man
Flight Jacket Alert!!

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Coordinates launch of FS-1 from Control Room. Asks Ski for countdown.
Watches with Sharkey as FS-1 'flies' in front of Observation Nose.

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Sharkey approaches a very relaxed Morton who tells him to grab himself some coffee which Sharkey declines. When asked by Sharkey why 'that guy' is given a ride in the Flying Sub when they've never taken up civilians before, Morton responds that he's one of the most important men in the country who has been nominated by the President to be the next US Secretary of Defense. Chip smiles slightly as Sharkey pretends that he knew that. hehehe Ski brings Morton a change in flight plan from Crane. Chip heads off to change course.

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Listening to Penfield's stories with other officers gathered around table in Observation Nose. Coffee service in middle of table. Seated backwards straddling chair, right elbow on table, leaning on right arm. Grins at the story, showing off that extremely killer smile!! <vbg> Shows some concern as Crane gets message from Ski that he's needed.   Then leans on back of chair to listen to next story as Crane leaves to get message from Nelson.  

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Listens with Lee to radio broadcast of Nelson's opposition. Tells Lee that Penfield doesn't know about it since Lee ordered him to tell Penfield communications were out. They muse as to what the Admiral is thinking. After asking how close they are to Santa Barbara and getting response, Crane orders him to take Seaview up to flank speed. 

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Is told to escort Penfield to shore and keep reporters from bothering him.
Acquiesces calmly and shows Penfield the way off the boat.

Off screen is called by Lee from NIMR offices via phone. Lee says he's glad he caught Chip and tells him to get two men off the duty watch, issue them equipment and stand by the Flying Sub until Crane gets there. Chip evidently asks him where they are going and Crane responds he doesn't know but they have to get there fast.

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As the rescue party is flying towards New Mexico in FS-1, Chip says, not that he's nosy, but Lee didn't really brief them as to where they were headed. Lee says he doesn't know that much more than Chip who responds which is nothing. All the men are wearing their flight jackets. Chip looks very very VERY VERY good in the black leather jacket. ;D

  They prepare to land and Crane briefs them as to how they'll handle the rescue. Chip says there's a landing strip off to the right, but Crane says they're setting down as close to the house as they can. More proof that the Flying Sub does NOT need water to land.
Did I mention how good Chip looks in his black leather jacket????????

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During rescue, Chip drops a smoke grenade from the balcony over the great hall where Nelson and Crane are being held. Chip decks baddie who'd come up the stairs and knocks him over the railing.  While Bob Dowdell and Del Monroe do NOT have stunt doubles for the fight scene, I've looked very closely at certain frames and Richard Basehart and David Hedison DO have stunt doubles for most of it.

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As the command trio, back on Seaview, read the headlines about the 'death of a patriot', Chip comments that there's no hint of what he really was. His hair is nicely wavy. <g>