The Last Battle
tie tucked in episode

Wetsuit Alert!!!

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Disturbed when Nelson is reported missing.
Annoyed/angry that Washington has no clue as to his whereabouts.

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Brings Lee the latest 'no news'. Tries to reassure Crane by reminding him that Washington's best agents are working on Nelson's disappearance. 

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Very relieved when they pick up the Admiral's signal, bustles off to set course. Lee sends him to see if the Engine Room has a trick or two to speed things up.

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Tells Lee that the reactor is getting heated as it's not supposed to run at full speed for this long. It's just giving warnings at the moment. Lee insists that they must run for 5 or 6 hours more at this speed. Chip shrugs and says doubtfully "Okay, you're the Skipper" (Chip is probably the only one who could ever get away with this kind of reply to an order, lol) Chip then tells the Engine Room people that they need 5 or 6 more hours at full speed. When Engine Room says the reactor is getting hot, he replies with emphasis, "So it's getting hot. The Captain says full speed.

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Updates Lee as to results of a diving recon to get info on the island. 
Get to see him with wet hair and in partially unzipped diving suit. <vbg>

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Smiles upon seeing the channel. Is ordered by Lee to take Seaview in as close as he can.
Reports calmly on the condition of the rescued scientists.