Killers of the Deep

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In control room at plotting table with Nelson as Crane comes up and says to Nelson that they're over the silo. Is told by Nelson to lower the antenna and prepare to take a reading. He acknowledges and heads over to area in front of helm. Use of 'tapes' in computer. Chip and Crane watch as Nelson puts tape into machine to test silo and find that it's empty. Chip is standing with hands behind back. After talking to Sec. of Defense, Nelson tells Crane that the two of them will make an aerial search in FS. Tells Chip to take Seaview and continue to check the other silos.  Once more Chip is left in command while Nelson and Crane are off the boat! 

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Chip goes to Radio Shack where Sparks (not Arch W.) connects him to Nelson on the destroyer. Nelson tells him that FS was shot down and asks about the missiles. Chip tells him that two more are missing. Nelson realizes that it means the baddies know where they all are. Chip says that's what the Pentagon thinks and that Seaview is to pick up all the rest of the missiles. Nelson knows that he and destroyer must find the three that are missing. Chip wishes him Good Hunting. Nelson says thanks. Chip then asks if he and the captain are all right. Nelson hesitates then quickly tells him Crane is missing. Over and out. -_-
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After cat and mouse between destroyer and sub, Nelson calls Chip. Chip tells him that they still have three missiles to pick up and can't get there to help for at least 12 hours. Asks if there's any news about Lee. Nelson replies not a word, over and out. Chip is not happy as he turns off radio.  Minimal Chip-ness overall, but some nice close up shots.