Journey With Fear
(These caps come from the Japanese Laserdisc
so  there will be the occasional Japanese subtitles)

 Chip is co-pilot for undersea test launch from Seaview, set for three orbits of Earth, then return. Astronaut Wilson is the pilot.  Chip works the communications.

Countdown goes without hitch and craft is launched. Chip and Robert Wilson feel the G's of liftoff. Shortly after capsule separates from booster, communication with Seaview is lost.

 Morton keeps trying but they can't get through.  During bright flash of light, alien appears, knocks them out and takes capsule away.  Back on Seaview, Nelson and Crane have lost track of capsule. Nelson wants to send second capsule up, Space Exploration Agency says to wait for clearance from Washington. Nelson has them start preparations.  Patterson asks Sharkey about a crew for the second flight. Sharkey says that the Skipper or maybe the Admiral will ride co-pilot just as - Sharkey hesitates a moment - just like Mr. Morton did.

Chip and Wilson wake up. Wilson asked what happened. Chip looks out window and sees alien landscape. Says that nothing makes sense and they didn't dream the bright light. Wilson says it's not like any landscape he's ever seen and that the gravity is .48. Chip replies that maybe the instruments were affected by the shock of the landing. He reaches over and picks up mike to try and call Seaview. No go. Chip says they should take a look outside.

Chip and Wilson wander through the set (nice set, btw). Chip looks verrrrry good in shiny silver suit. <eg> Tremor is felt. Wilson says feels like earthquake country and that he's never seen anything like it. Wilson drops bag he's holding upon seeing alien.

 Chip's back is to the creature. He turns and sees alien. Wilson goes for his sidearm, Chip says calmly "Let's not panic, Bob", but the astronaut shoots at the alien who returns fire and vaporizes Bob. Chip draws his weapon but there is a bright flash of light before he can shoot.

 Chip says "I can't see!" Alien orders him to throw down his weapon. Chip says, "You've blinded me!" Definitely is more ticked than scared. Is ordered to throw down his weapon.

 Hesitates, but does eventually throw weapon away, arms outspread as he can't see surroundings. Alien says for Morton to come with him and leads him away.

Cut back to Seaview where Nelson is furious that he has to wait for Washington's approval to launch a rescue mission with the back up capsule.  Nelson is definitely concerned about Chip.  He orders Lee to prepare the backup capsule so they'll be ready when they get approval. Lee is doing system checks on the back up ship when it is transported to Venus.

Lee searches the area and runs across Wilson's gear bag with US flag on it. Keeps looking and is shocked to find Chip in funky mind control machine. Creature adjusts machine and asks Chip about Earth's 'invasion' plans. Chip insists that there are no invasion plans but confirms that they've explored the moon. Is told they're on Venus and is asked if they've ever explored it. Chip says only by remote vehicles and same for Mars. Lee tells Chip to get out of there. Second alien attacks Lee who is momentarily knocked down. Second alien holds him while Chip says "Lee? Is that you?" A concerned Crane asks "What's the matter, can't you see?" Chip responds that they've blinded him.  Lee is very concerned about his friend.

 One of the alien's takes Chip away while Crane asks who the other alien is. They attempt to interrogate Lee but he escapes and makes it back to second test capsule where he contacts Nelson and updates him on Chip and Wilson's status.  Nelson tells him that they're going to send out a rescue mission and that Chip and Lee need to survive until then.

Chip is interrogated again and tells them about Nelson being the head. Is taken away and trapped inside some kind of energy field that causes pain unless he stays still.

Lee finds Chip being held in the energy field. Chip tells him it's just like red hot steel bars though the neck. Lee reaches out towards Chip and gets shocked by the energy field. Lee tells Chip to hold on and shoots one of the energy supports, freeing Chip.  Chip says "Thanks. Can we get out of here?" Lee has one hand at Chip's chest and other at his back to help him away from where he was trapped.

  Lee responds that they're in contact with Seaview and the Admiral is getting a rescue party up to them and that they have to hang on until they get here. Chip responds that their ships don't travel at the speed of light and that it would take at least three months for them to reach Venus. Another quake hits, Lee keeps one hand on Chip and tells him that the ground on this side of Venus gets torn apart once a month. Chip snorts and says that doesn't give them much choice...die here or die on the Centurian's planet. Lee responds that they have a chance to survive the upcoming solar storm if they get back to the capsule.

 Helps the still blind Chip off platform and says he wants to go back to where all the instrumentation was as he thinks they might find something to help them. He guides Chip to the rock passageway, then says to wait, he'll go first and gets in front. Chip holds on to Lee for guidance and they make their way through the rocks. Lee is very careful with and concerned about his friend.  Is a nice touch that helps show the friendship between the brothers-in-arms.

Lee is caught examining the instrumentation with Chip. There's another quake, Lee shoots the alien and grabs his weapon and orb. Chip asks what happened and is concerned about Lee. As Lee plays with the orb, there's another flash. Chip winces and covers his eyes. The worried Lee asks what's wrong and Chip says quietly with relief that he can see, that the ray must have worn off. Lee continues to play with the orb while Chip covers the alien with his own weapon.

Lee and Chip hold one of the Centurians and ask if the instruments are set to return them to Earth. Their captive says yes, Crane just needs to turn the orb to maximum. Chip asks Lee if they can trust him. Lee says they don't have any other choice. The Centurian on the FS calls and wants full power to be able to transport Seaview. They decide to ride out the storm in the capsule rather than power up to return home and possibly give the baddie the power he needs.

Another tremor hits and knocks Lee, Chip and alien down. Alien reaches for dropped orb, but Chip shoots at him and Lee is able to retrieve the orb. They make it to the capsule.  Even through quake and chaos, Chip keeps his gun firmly trained on the baddie. :::grin:::

They will not risk getting back to Earth if it means the Seaview will be transferred to Venus. The alien says he can show them how to avoid that and still get home. Volunteers to use orb to take them back to main area. Lee says for him to show them how to use the orb and they appear back at the main panel.  Meanwhile, Nelson has arrived.  The three fight with the aliens and manage to use the orb to return to Seaview.

Sharkey and the crew are shocked and thrilled to see the command trio reappear in the launch control room.  Sharkey says he's so happy to see them that he could kiss all of them.  In a manner of speaking. :)  The final tag is the one thing I find really stupid about this episode where Lee gets a communication about going on tour.  Even Nelson rolls his eyes. :P