Jonah and the Whale

Heard over intercom telling Nelson the bell is ready, gives fathometer reading down to lab and gets instructions as to atmosphere and other prep info from Nelson.
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Calls Nelson in bell and tells him they've picked up a contact that could be a huge whale and that it's moving an estimated 50 knots.  Reports that whale is only 900 yards away.
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Dives boat to follow whale. New set up has their usual chart table and Control Room opening up into Observation Nose where Flying Sub hatch is also located. Wants to torpedo whale but Crane says the bell passengers might still be alive. Is told to keep on the whale's tail. Neat shot looking out through observation windows as the Control Room is very clearly seen.
Gives order to fire tranquilizer at whale, Lee and Chip watch as it hits.

Tries to evade whale, but it's too close and they get hit a couple times. After another tranquilizer shot is fired and whale settles on plateau, Chip says it's down on a ledge and quiet as a baby. Lee and Chip exchange smiles. All red light footage taken from Ghost of Moby Dick in first season so no pretty pics up here. :P

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As diving party gets ready, Chip tells Lee that they're now in perfect trim and can drop the divers right into the whale's jaws. Lee and Chip joke a wee bit and exchange wry smiles as Lee tells Chip to fire another half strength tranquilizer shot if whale closes jaws. Looks serious and concerned as the team leaves via escape lock.

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Chip heads back to Control Room and radio shack where Sparks has the diving party in contact. A very concerned look as the divers approach whale.  When Ski or Riley falls, it disturbs whale, so Chip fires another shot of tranquilizer which settles the whale back down.

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Sparks tells Chip the diving party's signal got lost when the whale closed its jaws. Is getting somewhat upset as he looks at watch and then tells Sparks that the Admiral has only about 13 minutes of oxygen left, if he's still alive, runs hand over face, then asks if there's any more contact with the Captain. When Sparks says no, he growls at him to keep trying as in another ten or twelve minutes they may as well return if they can. Is definitely not usual calm.

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Chip sees whale waking up, tells Missile Room to let out cable and not lock the drum until 2000 ft of cable has been let out.  As whale goes over edge, Chip has Missile Room start reeling cable in at 3 ft per second, as though they're reeling in a very large fish.

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 Heads down to Missile Room to supervise, tells Sharkey to keep reeling him in, then tells him to slow it as it looks like the bell is out.

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Having coffee in Observation Nose with Crane, Nelson and Markova, tells Markova that the press want her observations. She says they were recorded long ago. Chip asks "recorded?" Nelson smiles and replies with a quote from the Bible.