Indestructible Man
tie tucked in episode

Normal Control Room stuff as they approach coordinates to pick up Space Probe.

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After Probe is aboard, Chip asks Lee, 'off the record' why they're in such a big hurry and asks if it's because of the robot.

Is told over intercom to shut down all power and hold trim as long as possible. Chip calls down to Lee in lab and tells him that they are losing trim and need to restore power soon.

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After robot begins affecting boat, and system after system shuts down, Chip is ordered to surface Seaview. He gets the ship up to 85 ft but the controls jam and they have negative buoyancy and are going back down.

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Robot causes air to get very cold, Chip is ordered to break out cold weather gear for all hands. Put on coat, has Curley hand out others to all. Reports that engineering is working on the hand pump and the forward tanks are clear and that once the main tanks are clear they'll have positive buoyancy. Very calm.

Gets sent off with Dr. to search the ship for the robot using Dr's device. Returns to Control Room where he identifies the 'smoke' coming from the ventilation as being steam as the robot vaporizes the water in the ballast tanks. Boat heats up and power goes out.

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Back in Control Room, they are still slowly going up. Chip says "What I'd give to broach the surface right now." Lee slaps his back and says "Carry on, Chip."

After robot is jettisoned and blown up, Chip reports over intercom that all power is back.

Minimal Chip-ness - poo!