The Human Computer
tie tucked in episode

Command trio are in Control Room, all are getting nervous. Chip goes over to helm, Lee orders him to keep steady. Chip slaps back of helm chair in frustration and stalks over to Lee saying they need to start defensive maneuvering as they are a sitting duck. Lee says that Chip knows their orders as well as he does. Chip starts to say something else and is interrupted by Nelson who says it's up to Reston. 

As three missiles approach Seaview, Chip says they'd better make themselves scarce. Lee agrees and heads over to Reston, who says they are taking evasive action. Seaview gets 'hit' by last missile and is 'sunk.'

Rest of episode is Crane-centric until very end.

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At the end, in Sickbay, the doctor bandages Crane's ankle. Morton asks how long he left the man under the periscope.  Crane replies it was just long enough to remove the tape the baddie had put in the computer. The Seaview then took them back to Santa Barbara. When Crane is anxious to get back to work, Morton asks him why, and Nelson smirks and says Crane is worried about being "replaced by you know..." Chip raises his eyebrows and says "Ohhh!" with a very amused look.  As the three smiling officers leave Sickbay, Crane turns to Chip and says "That's right, and you try borrowing ten bucks from that on a Saturday night!"
Nice fun friends moment between the three!