Hot Line - set May 7, 1973
no tie episode!

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Nelson watching the Russian trawler through periscope says to Chip that no one would guess that it's a Russian tracking station. Chip replies that he never thought they'd be rendezvousing with a Russian ship in mid-Pacific. Chip, Lee and Nelson have no ties. Professional when introduced to Russian, but Chip and Lee exchange a brief glance as they turn away and Nelson leads the Russian out of the Control Room.

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Typical efficiency in Control Room. Nelson hands Chip data. While Russians are admiring the boat, he enters the data into the computer, moving between the two main computer stations. Indication that he is quite comfortable with the computer.

Chip brings Nelson figures from the computer. Is shocked with others when they learn the rocket will hit close to San Francisco.

Over intercom, when told to bring reactor to emergency power, reminds Nelson that they're already at more than they've ever pushed the reactor, says they'll give it everything they've got.

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Morton wrath unleashed upon crew when Clark and Kowalski get into it. Lovely Exec on warpath moment telling them they're not on a pleasure cruise and that heads will roll if there's any more trouble. Is icy calm and intense while using the XO Glare of Death. Seems to me that he realizes it's Clark and Ski that were involved, but he doesn't put any of them on report. Stalks out with Curley at his heels.

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Command trio celebrates with Malinoff in Observation Nose. Chip opens champagne and pours out. Shares grin with Nelson as Malinoff says that he's starting to appreciate the luxuries found on Seaview. The four men share a final toast and click their glasses...verrrry nice :)