Haunted Submarine

 Sharkey and Ski are reporting the weird sounds they heard in Crew's Quarters to the skipper in the Control Room when Morton walks up and says that Ski's due on watch. Ski heads to sonar and Sharkey says something about there having to be a logical explanation.

 After Sharkey leaves, Chip asks Lee quietly if that was 'more reports' implying that Sharkey and Ski were not the first to hear things. Lee asks Chip how long they've been submerged. Chip replies four days and that it's their 24th day at sea. Lee muses that they might be edgy and maybe they could use some shore leave. Chip smiles and says that they always need shore leave and that they'll be okay.

Ski calls Morton over to sonar. Chip asks what he's getting and Ski tells him about a surface ship. Chip tells him to keep track of it and heads over to the plotting table to inform Lee.

The two men continue working at the table. Lee calls Sparks and has him try to contact the ship. Chip mutters about a ship being so far from the shipping lanes and asks Lee what he makes of it. Lee responds that he doesn't know. Sparks can't get a response from the ship. Lee orders them to periscope depth and heads for the periscope island while Chip turns towards the help and gives the 'ten degree up bubble' command and then follows his skipper.

Lee looks through the scope and startles. He tells Chip to take a look. Chip does and sees a square rigger. He pulls back from the scope and says "No wonder Sparks couldn't contact it!"

Chip suggests they contact via semaphores, Lee agrees and tells him to surface. He turns to and issues the proper commands. Lee isn't sure how the square rigger will react so he tells Chip to be ready to dive in an instant.

The ship fires its cannon and Seaview rock 'n rolls. Lee orders Chip to dive the boat. Chip struggles over to the helm where he issues the proper orders. Seaview dives to 100 ft and things slowly calm down. Chip heads back to plotting table where Lee is fiddling with the charts.

 After Lee hears from Damage Control that all is okay, he and Chip exchange disbelieving looks. Lee says they must have been shooting real cannonballs and Chip says he'll get the torpedo tubes ready to fire. When Lee says what for, Chip replies that they'll blast that hulk out of the water. Nice bloodthirsty moment. :) Lee says no, Chip responds, 'she fired on us'. Lee says he'd rather learn more about her first. Nelson calls wondering what all the fuss is about.

Nelson comes to the Control Room only to see all the crew frozen in place. Chip is still at the plotting table. Nelson tries to get a response out of Lee then moves to plotting table to try Chip. Even shouting at Chip doesn't provoke a response and he ends up leaving the CR.

Back in the CR, the crew is 'unfrozen' and Lee heads back to plotting table to talk to Chip about the ship above. Chip says how at least the ship doesn't seem to have any modern weapons as he'd be half expecting her to dump depth charges on them. As they're talking, Nelson calls down. The confused Lee says they thought he was on his way to the CR.

Nelson enters CR and heads to table to ask Lee and Chip about the 200 year old ship. Chip is checking ship's registries and can't find a listing. Lee says he must have missed it and that he'll take a look. Chip gives him a nice little 'yeah right' look. <g> Nelson says they won't find anything as there hasn't been a registered square rigger in years. They forget about the USS Constitution. Bad Navy boys!!  Lee asks what about the one that fired on them. No answer. :)

Sharkey walks in, covered with anti-radiation foam. Chip's response is a perfect, "What happened to you?" said with just the right amount of disbelief. As Sharkey talks, Nelson can't help smothering a chuckle. Lee and Chip look sideways at Nelson but keep calm. Chip very smoothly tells him to go below and get cleaned up while Lee tries not to smile. As Sharkey walks away, Nelson turns his head as he's on the verge of breaking up laughing. Chip raises an eyebrow while Lee also struggles not to smile.

Lee asks Nelson what could have happened and Nelson says it might have been
a leak in the reactor control system. Lee sends Chip off to investigate.

As Sharkey heads to his quarters after showering, he backs up into Chip who is checking out various systems. After apologizing he says he's found something and indicates it's right around the bend of the corridor. Chip goes to look.

 He sees nothing and asks if Sharkey is sure he's all right. Sharkey is sure
he saw it but when he tries to point it out to the XO, it isn't there.

 Chip looks at Sharkey with concern, says he believes him
but that he should go get into uniform.

Sharkey heads off and Chip shakes his head, then turns to head down the corridor. He pauses and looks back at the corridor floor, shakes his head again and heads off. Priceless look. <g>

Chip goes back to CR and reports to Lee that nothing in the reactor control system was responsible for what happened to Sharkey. They both move over to sonar as Ski tells them the sailing ship has moved almost directly above them. Chip says it could be a coincidence since they have no detection gear.

They get hit by depth charges and begin the classic rock 'n roll. Seaview heads for the bottom. After she lands, Chip and Lee pull themselves up. Lee asks Chip to get a damage report from all hands. Chip heads out of the CR as Nelson enters.


After Nelson tells Lee that they won't be able to sink the ship and leaves, Chip returns to CR and says they were lucky that there's no significant damage. Monitors boards and picks up stop watch as Lee orders Missile Room to prepare to fire heat seeking missiles. Chip looks at stopwatch while missiles are launched, then counts down. Just before getting to 'one' all is frozen again except for Nelson.

When time resumes, Chip finishes the countdown but nothing happens. Lee and Chip exchange puzzled glances then both look at Nelson who says they can take the boat up because they won't be bothered for a while. Chip, Lee and Ski all exchange looks then turn to watch Nelson leave the CR.

Chip enters the Missile Room and glares at the torpedo tubes as he walks by them. <g>

Asks Sharkey 'what happened down here?" Sharkey says if they were fired they had to have hit. Chip reminds him that FOUR were fired and none hit. Sharkey insists that they all launched because he knows that sound.

Chip goes back to the fire control station and confirms that the tracking tape indicated that all four were released and headed towards the target. Chip says he'll just check the tubes but Sharkey says he doesn't need to do that since he saw for himself that they were launched via the tracking tapes. Chip simply says 'hmm' and goes to check for himself. He opens one and the torpedo is still in the tube. He looks at Sharkey who is shocked.

Back in CR, Chip is by helm, checking depth and relaying maneuvering orders. He approaches Lee at the plotting table and says that the Admiral was correct. Lee wonders how he could be.

Later, Chip has message from Sparks for Admiral in his hand and asks if Lee would
like him to take it to him. Lee says no, he'll take it to the admiral himself.

The boat shudders, Lee asks Chip what was that but Chip doesn't know. Lee calls Engine Room to see what's going on. Chip heads over to computer. Lee joins him and they look over reports. More jolting around occurs and Lee tells Chip to have Engineering check the wiring.

 More rock 'n roll. Lee gives orders to surface boat, asks Chip if he can hold trim.
Chip replies that he doubts it. More shaking and then the freeze again!

As things settle and Captain Nelson leaves, Chip remains
in the background working on the Computer..