Hail to the Chief 
no tie episode!

Date specified as 6/24/73 with Henry Talbot McNeil, US President

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Typical orders to get underway and dive, dive, dive!

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Concerned when readings don't match in different parts of ship

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Told by Crane to set up detection gear around the ship and tie them all into the computer so that the next incident can be triangulated, also to work on finding 'real' position of Seaview.

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Keeps things in order during transfer of President to Seaview via escape hatch.

 BTW, how the heck did they get that fricking large gurney
into the escape hatch via a diving bell????

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Looks a bit ticked/annoyed when readings go haywire again, however his work tying the sensors into computer worked and they discover the interference is coming from Sick Bay.