Graveyard of Fear

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In Control Room while Seaview is docked. Reports to Crane that Engineering section reports a full complement. Lee asks how close to a full crew are they. Chip thinks a moment, and says only five who are all on shore leave, no essential crewmembers missing. When asked how soon they can get away, Chip replies as soon as you give the order. Lee tells him they'll wait until the Admiral is aboard.  Chip goes to turn away, but returns to ask Lee why they're leaving five days early. Lee says he doesn't know much more than Chip but that the Admiral is going to take two scientists to where their ship sank. Chip recalls reading about it in the papers. Heads off to set sea detail.

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Stock diving footage then back to 'live' where Chip is seen moving between stations then reporting that they are at 90 ft and maintaining trim.

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Reports to Lee that they've seen a problem on sonar. Lee sees same thing on other instrumentation and orders Chip to keep on the sonar.

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Exchanges worried glances with Riley as sonar goes crazy along with rest of electronic instrumentation. The command trio share looks of relief when the problem corrects itself. 

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Activates crash doors as creature attacks.
Pulls himself up to activates force shield during rock 'n roll.

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After attack gives damage report of minor hull damage and that electrical gear is shot and the force shield is no longer operational. When asked how long before they can get out of there, he replies 20 minutes. Scientist is ticked. Crane turns to Chip and says try to make it 10 minutes.

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Chip heads over and assists the crew working on the electrical system. 

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Tells Lee they got the monitor screen working again. They watch as Ames swims past. Says he's got guts. Watches as Ames hides in crevice where creature can't reach him. Is asked by Crane to get the Flying Sub ready as Lee is going to take it out.

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Riley pops out of FS-1 and tells Exec that Flying Sub is checked out and ready to go. Chip replies very well and tells Lee that she's all his. Lee puts on his jacket, starts to head down and pauses, saying to Chip with a smile, 'that was fast.' Chip replies 'you said two minutes.' They exchange smiles and Chip wishes him Good Luck, then says over mic to prepare to launch Flying Sub.

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Tells Nelson that Ames is swimming back to Seaview and is
told to have him report to Admiral as soon as he's back aboard. 
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Heads to Missile Room to tell Ames that the Admiral wants to see 

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Told to get parabolic reflecting antenna ready. Heads back to Missile Room to tell Patterson that they need to hold off on firing the torpedo until the Skipper is out of the way. 

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Chip wants to rush Ames, but Nelson reminds him that they'd need to use a torch on that door and they only have ten minutes. Tells Chip to keep Seaview steady as they prepare to use parabolic antenna. Chip is aiming the parabolic mirror. As creature attacks, tells Nelson that the creature is getting full force of it's own discharge. Reports that mirror won't work again as the antenna is burned out.

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Chip listens with Nelson as Ames threatens Crane. Says they don't have time to break in Missile Room. Nelson suggests they put gas grenade through ventilation shaft with crewmen. Chip sees creature coming back for another attack. Nelson tries to evade. Chip says they just don't have enough speed.

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 Gets knocked around during rock 'n roll of creature's attack.