The Ghost of Moby Dick
no tie episode!

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Nice smile when he ushers Mrs. Dr. Bryce into observation nose where Admiral is waiting.

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s on conning tower with Lee, they're both not seeing anything, Lee heads down and changes course, then Chip sees a large whale, but not the uber huge one.

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Normal control room stuff, takes evasive action when whale tries to hit them,
exchanges worried glances with Lee as whale gets closer.

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Orders securing of all watertight hatches as they're hit by whale.  After collision, reports that they've lost trim, helps keep the helmsmen in their seats, calm under pressure of boat sinking.

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Reports damage to Lee, frustrated yet calm, says they've plugged the forward leaks and should have half speed soon, internal rib structure is about as solid as a bowl of jelly, but "We do any fast maneuvering and this old sub is going to be the Sea and the View with both ends going in opposite directions." When Lee says how does it feel to be pushed around by a fish, Chip quips that's like calling Babe Ruth just another baseball player.

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Lee and Chip exchange relieved smiles as Lee slaps his arm when he
orders Chip to check with the rib repair crew and head back to port.

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Reports to Lee about final repairs, says that they are ready as they'll ever be and that there are two 'buts', only half speed and surface running only. After Seaview surfaces, orders ahead 1/3 and gives course, then heads off to find the Admiral.  Great aft shot! <g>

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Finds Admiral recovering from being knocked out by Bryce,
helps him up and back to Control Room.

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Gets caught between Nelson and Crane's orders.  Crane is his Captain
and direct commanding officer in CofC, but da Admiral is boss over all.