...And Five of Us Are Left - set Nov. 16, 1973

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Chip is looking at the bottle in Nelson's office and says it seems incredible. Nelson says the Navy lab has given it every test to prove its authenticity. Chip asks if anyone has discovered the source. Nelson replies that the Navy and Coast Guard have found nothing and that Seaview has been asked to find its source. Orders Chip to have Sharkey recall the crew and get the boat ready to go by 6:00.

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Officers are being briefed by Nelson about the bottle. Chip looks pensive, one arm crossed over chest supporting elbow of other arm with that hand on chin. Looks unconvinced when Nelson says the note was written just 140 days ago.

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Watches as Nelson and Werden climb into FS-1.  Lee and Chip watch the Flying Sub take off.

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Watches with Lee on the videophone, then Lee leaves and tells Chip to call him when the FS reaches the island. Lee returns as the island is sighted. The two men watch as Nelson heads into the tunnel and loses communication with them. Chip says quietly that it looks bad. Lee is hoping they are simply having problems.

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Chip goes to Observation Nose where Crane is watching, sits on edge of table and tells him they still haven't heard from Nelson yet and asks Crane's plans. Crane responds that he'll know when they get there. Both worried.  BTW, Chip also sits on Crane's desk in "Invaders" so is obviously very comfortable with his skipper.  Yet another indication that they are good friends.

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As they approach the island, Chip orders the sub to slow as they approach rock formations. The collision screen and nose camera are activated.  Watches with Crane as they maneuver through the underwater channel and get rocked by tidal current. Chip notes that the channel is narrowing. Lee has Missile Room fire torpedo to widen it.

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