The Fear Makers
No tie episode!

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When asked by Nelson how long it would take to reassemble the inertial guidance system, Chip tells him that it was pretty well broken down for recalibration.  Is told by Nelson to work on it all night.  Chip gathers up Murdoch, a rating, and, as they leave, Chip is reminded by Nelson to reset the gyrocompass immediately.  Chip exchanges a glance with Murdoch and responds that he's taken care of it already.  The look he gives Nelson seems to indicate a certain exasperation with yet understanding of his boss' state of mind after the loss of the Polidor.

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Is checking various stations in Control Room (holding trusty clipboard, of course) when Crane enters.  Tells Crane that the Admiral is the one who ordered silent running while Lee was forward and that he's still locked in his cabin.  Calls Crane by first name, quietly asks if the admiral is okay since they haven't seen him since they left the institute and all the war time alert stuff is causing the men to worry.  Is goooood XO to bring concerns of the men to the Captain's attention.

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Quietly determined when asking Dr Kenner to leave Control Room as per Nelson's orders.
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Grabs headphones, keeps helm on task and contacts damage control while getting slightly soaked, reports frozen ballast valves make them unable to surface.
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Already has Maneuvering trying to cut in another air compressor to maintain trim while they're stuck below when Crane asks for it, is told to keep on it.
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Exchanges relieved smiles with Crane and Nelson as the controls are freed and they can surface.  Looks really, really, reeeeeeeeeeeally good with sleeves rolled up and shirt wide open due to the Seaview being heated up to raise the fear gas to ceiling.