The Exile - Oct. 3, 1974
tie tucked in episode

Normal Control Room stuff setting course according to orders

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Calm but worried under attack from depth charges. Is told they can't lead the destroyers to Nelson. Gets usual Damage Control reports. Typical working with Crane during attack.

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Very tense discussion with Lee after ship Admiral is on is sunk. Chip wants to go after the Admiral, Lee says they're under orders to make the rendezvous. Chip says they'll shoot him as a spy and Crane snaps at him saying very coldly "You don't have to remind me of that, Mr. Morton." Then tells him to set course for the rendezvous coodinates. Chip replies with a very formal, "Aye, aye, Sir." Can tell Chip is quite concerned about Admiral.

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As they approach the coordinates, Chip is still cautiously formal, using title 'Captain' rather than Skipper or Lee. Lee smiles and apologizes for blowing up, Chip says he understands and calls him Lee.

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Concerned as they wait at the coordinates and hear that a storm is moving in to the area. They take the Seaview out from coordinates in 50 mile spiral to try and find Nelson.