Escape from Venice

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Listens with Nelson to Crane's first contact from Venice. when Lee says the tapes Leonetti sent were the defense info, Chip says they played them and only heard gibberish. Seaview crew get worried as they overhear killing of Crane's contact. 

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Is in Radio Shack as Sparks monitors Crane's signal. As Nelson comes over, Chip shakes his head that they haven't received any transmissions from Crane. Nelson tells him to keep at it, monitoring all night if necessary. Looks very worried about Lee.

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In Observation Nose with Nelson when they get signal from Miss Hale in N.I.M.R. Communications. Watches as Nelson gives her instructions.  Yet another female who is concerned about Casanova Crane. hehehe

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As Nelson prepares to go ashore in Venice in civvies, Chip reminds him that Nelson will be recognized in no time flat. Nelson responds that he wants Crane to know he's there. Chip asks if he's going alone to which Nelson responds that he needs two men and if anyone on board can write music. Chip thinks a moment then says that Stu Riley can. Nelson chuckles and says he might have known. Chip says 'if you call that's that surfer stuff' but Nelson says quality doesn't matter as long as he can write down the notes and adds that he needs someone to take them in via the Flying Sub. Chip replies that Chief Sharkey can handle it. Watches as the Flying Sub heads out.  Is interesting that Nelson expects Chip to know such a trivial detail about the crew, but that does fit Morton being a top-notch XO as they're the ones who are supposed to handle personnel issues and know the crew.

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Chip anxiously watches TV broadcast about Lee being hurt, still at large and that he should be captured soon as Venice can be completely closed off.  Nelson talks to Chip telling him that Sharkey will pick up Crane at 2300 and will bring him back to Seaview via Flying Sub. Chip asks what about Nelson, who replies that he'll be a decoy since he's being watched.

Minimal Chip-ness but an often amusing episode

BTW, it's from this episode that I decided that it was okay for Chip, in my fanfics, to love (and play) jazz as well as classical music.  Though some see his comments about Riley's music as an attack on all modern music, he's quite specific in putting down "that surfer stuff."   

Besides, his accent brands him as a Chicagoan, due, no doubt, to Robert Dowdell being born and raised in the Windy City, so jazz seems like a good fit. ;)