tie tucked in episode

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Chip wordlessly delivers message about the sinking of the Angler, can tell he is sad for the loss. Expresses his sympathies to Crane and Nelson as he knows how close they were to the Capt. and Exec. From reading, the sub community is not that big and people near same rank can know each other well.  Supervises the demolition team opening the Angler Captain's safe.

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Calm yet concerned when Nelson calls to say that the island is inhabited and if they're not back in one hour, to tear the island apart.

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Leads landing party which is met by the bad guys. Though Chip is ticked and even tries to set foot on the island, they are outgunned and must leave. Some good angry Chip moments and Glares-Of-Death but bad guy definitely has the upper hand with loads more guns.

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Talks with O'Brien about how Washington isn't allowing them to land again on the island, but wants them to search the sea around it and try to determine Lee and Nelson's fate. He appears calm, yet ticked at Washington and at the baddies for having too strong an armed presence at the only landing spot. Is definitely determined not to give up on them saying, "If they're there, we'll get them off." When sonar finds the minisub below crush depth, Chip is stoic but shocked.

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He sends out a diver in a deep sea suit to check out the minisub. The diver returns
unable to identify the men except by Nelson's watch and Lee's Academy ring.
Total silence in the Missile Room.

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Chip brings landing party to island, they find a raving Crane and Nelson in quicksand. Interesting that Crane starts raving about Chip not coming to get them as if the drug is
making him turn against his other friend as well as Nelson.