Doomsday - set in 1973
no tie episode!

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Apparent tension in Control Room, as Chip counts down to something. Turns out it's a countdown to crossing the Equator. All smile when Crane orders the 'pollywogs' to report to King Neptune's Court for the crossing ceremony. Chip smiles as he pushes Lt. Cmdr. Corbett out of the Control Room.

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Chip plays the part of King Neptune, putting on an accent and having much much fun with the part. Hams it up with Curley who is playing Neptune's wife and Ski playing the Royal Baby.  Nelson and Crane are having trouble keeping straight faces. Nelson plays along with his own thick accent, picking on the temp. Missile Officer. Then they all race off to Battle Stations when the missile Standby alert goes off.

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Calls 'Doc' to Control Room when Ski gets hurt by exploding sonar station.

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When War Alert sounds, he gets out sidearms for himself and Crane, then goes to his Fail Safe station in the Control Room. Exchanges looks with Lee as they prepare to key open their respective stations. Reports 'Ready, Captain' as Crane checks each Fail Safe officer. Looks at Crane with a ticked expression as they realize that Corbett is having trouble complying with orders.

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Back in Control Room calmly keeping track of Seaview's course to launch coordinates.

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Normal work at chart table with Lee while they're being depth charged

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Waits with Lee in Control Room while Corbett and Nelson try to launch missile.

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Exchanges grins with Lee as they trade quips about that being too close.

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After the ship surfaces, Chip and Lee shoot the stars to get exact position,
then is told to take the info below and confirm with inertial navigation.