Death Ship

Normal Control Room stuff until Ski calls them over.

Ski has picked up a sub tailing them.

Crane goes over to Riley on sonar while Chip calls for General Quarters.

Relieved when first two torpedoes miss. Orders Missile Room to prep
aft tubes 3 & 4 for firing. Two more torpedoes approach, both miss.

They fire but their torpedoes miss too.
Chip says they were homing torpedoes, how could they miss?

Crane responds that they must have neutralizing gear and orders Chip to take full evasive
action. Chip orders a full dive and they continue down with the drone sub on their tail.

Crane orders ultrasonics to be prepped, Chip says they don't have
authorization for that. Crane responds that he'll authorize it.

Chip brings Lee Damage Control report and says they came through the attack in good shape.

 Lee asks him if there's any reason why they shouldn't go through with the
automation test.  Chip replies, no structural reason. Lee smirks a bit and says
"Meaning you don't approve of the whole business."

Chip replies that he doesn't like the idea of letting the sub go with only a
handful of civilians aboard.  Proper XO concern for his boat. :::grin:::

Lee reassures him that Lee and the Admiral will be there to keep
them in line. Tells him set a course for the shipyard. Chip calls
maneuvering and has them set new course.

Chip is in full khaki jacket with cover under arm, smiling as he checks off
crew as they head up ladder for shore leave.

Gives Lee his clipboard and tells him that all personnel are ashore.
Lee tells him the test crew are coming aboard. Chip responds that he'd better
get ashore himself and wishes Lee good luck as they shake hands. Lee tells him
to have a good liberty and Chip responds, "that's one thing you don't have to
worry about" and they trade absolutely KILLER grins.  :::happy sigh:::

Rest of episode is a Voyage version of Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians" plot.